Best Supplement Types for Bodybuilding

Some supplements work, some have potential, some are a waste of money. This guide will walk you through the popular bodybuilding supplements you should be looking at if performance, fat loss, and muscle growth is your top priority.

Bodybuilding Supplement Types
Bodybuilding Supplement Types

While you are on your bodybuilding journey, bulking and cutting are two of the technical terms you will often come across.

While bulking refers to being in a caloric surplus state where you are gaining both muscle and fat in a proportional manner, cutting refers to a caloric deficit state where bodybuilders try to peel off every last little bit of fat to really get their physique to pop.

Editor’s Note:

There’s a universal agreement amongst all the beginners that cutting is one of the hardest process that a bodybuilder goes through. The notions of cutting and bulking should be understood in the context of bodybuilding and not be confused with any form of general weight loss.

Taking a binary approach to understanding training methods, nutrition, and your own body is the biggest mistake beginner trainees make. There is a grey area where an individual’s mind, body, and attitude are bigger variables in determining results and hence need a more holistic approach.

The Best Supplements for Bulking, Cutting, Strength and Performance

Bellow we’ll cover the main types of bodybuilding supplements you should be looking at if bulking up or cutting fat is your top priority. While it is certainly possible to achieve good results without using them, these supplements provide a safe way of speeding up the process and enhancing your outcomes.

Bodybuilding Supplements
Popular Bodybuilding Supplements

To make things easier, we have divided this section into the four main areas for each top we touch upon:

The first step when choosing bodybuilding supplements is to decide what type you need because your choice will mean the difference between success or disappointment (and wasted money).

But with so many choices on the market, what do you choose? We have handpicked the best bodybuilding supplements to give both men and women the extra boost they need to achieve their bodybuilding goals.

Top 3 Picks for Men

  1. TestoGen – a supplement with one specific goal: to boost your testosterone levels
  2. Blackwolf Workout (Hunter Pack) – all in one workout stack formulated for the needs of men who want to get the maximum results from intensive workouts
  3. Crazy Bulk – supplements covering the entire spectrum of muscle building needs

1. Testogen

Testogen is a supplement with one specific goal: to boost your testosterone levels.  This is a product made for males who want a natural testosterone boost and all the benefits that come with increasing and maintaining healthy T levels.

Quick Highlights:

  • Increased lean muscle growth and ability to train longer and harder
  • Decreased tiredness and depression, enhanced memory and mental concentration
  • Higher libido and better sexual performance
  • All safe and natural ingredients including vitamins, minerals and plant extracts known to have a positive effect on testosterone production

Low or declining testosterone brings about countless distressing changes including fat gains, energy decrease, loss of libido, fatigue and much more. Testogen aims to halt those changes and get you back on track as a man.

2. Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk offers a range of 11 hardcore bodybuilding supplements and 5 stacks covering the entire spectrum of muscle building needs. Although each supplement differs in its specific goals, the overall benefits that the majority of these bodybuilding supplements can provide you include:

Quick Highlights:

  • Quality muscle gains and boost in performance and endurance
  • Huge increases in strength and energy
  • Quick fat loss while retaining lean muscle
  • Fast muscle recovery
  • All ingredients are disclosed so you know exactly what you’re taking and how much

Crazy Bulk is a company that is obviously deadly serious about providing hardcore supplements for the most serious and dedicated of bodybuilders and athletes.

3. Blackwolf Hunter Pack

The Blackwolf Hunter Pack is an all-in-one workout stack formulated specifically for the needs of men who want to get the maximum possible results from intensive workouts. The stack is made up of three products which are intended to take the place of many other separate supplements.

Blackwolf Hunter Pack: Track (pre-workout), Hunt (intra-workout) and Eliminate (post-workout).

Quick Highlights:

  • Increases pump and intensity of your workouts, massive gains of power, endurance and lean muscle
  • Maintains a high level of energy and focus throughout your whole workout without falling flat with fatigue
  • Avoids plateaus by powering through high intensity training for faster and bigger gains
  • Speeds up muscle repair and recovery time

With a greater focus on muscle gains and testosterone boosting, the Hunter Pack is designed to improve energy, enhance your workout results and boost your recovery time.

Top 3 Picks for Women

  1. Female Cutting Stack – powerful cutting stack designed to help you eliminate some of the hardest to lose subcutaneous fat
  2. Blackwolf Workout (Huntress Pack) – all-in-one workout stack formulated for the needs of women who want to maximize performance in the gym
  3. PhenQ – a supplement suitable for women who both want to lose a lot of weight, and those who have hit a stubborn wall and need to break through to the next fat burning level

1. Female Cutting Stack

There are very few weight loss and cutting stacks out there which are targeted specifically for the unique needs of the female body. The Female Cutting Stack provides three powerful cutting supplements designed to work together to help you lose subcutaneous fat and get a stunning toned physique within a few weeks without the risk of adverse health effects.

Quick Highlights:

  • Get rid of remaining fat reserves so muscle tone is revealed
  • Maintain high levels of energy and endurance so you’re more likely to exercise for longer
  • Target the most stubborn fat burning areas for women: thighs, buttocks and abs

Women face different challenges than men when it comes to losing weight and burning fat in particular areas, and the Female Cutting Stack is designed to target them while giving you the full spectrum of benefits.

2. Blackwolf Huntress Pack

The Blackwolf Workout Huntress Pack is designed for the needs of females who want to maximize performance in the gym so you can achieve your ultimate physique and fitness goals without succumbing to plateaus and fatigue. The stack is made up of three products that cover pre, intra and post-workout requirements.

Quick Highlights:

  • Maintain optimal energy levels throughout your entire workout, from start to finish
  • Avoid fatigue and maintain a constant supply of essential nutrients before, during and after physical activity
  • Achieve mental focus and motivation so you’re ready to train anytime
  • Speed up your recovery time and boost your strength and lean muscle gains to achieve your desired physique

Blackwolf has created this stack to replace a whole lot of other powders and pills that you might be taking – the Huntress Pack is designed as an all-in-one workout solution for women who want to undertake regular intensive training with maximum results.

3. PhenQ

PhenQ is a high-quality fat burner that aims to help you achieve a leaner and stronger body. Eliminating fat and gaining lean muscle are the core goals of this supplement.

Quick Highlights:

  • Maintain your existing lean muscle while burning off fat
  • Curb food cravings, reduce hunger and boost the metabolism for faster fat burning
  • Enhancing the metabolism and burning up existing stored fat as energy

PhenQ is designed as more of a general weight loss fat burner than one aimed purely at serious athletes or bodybuilders. This makes it suitable for women who both want to lose a lot of weight, and those who have hit a stubborn wall and need to break through to the next fat burning level.

Our Official List of the Best Supplement Types for Bodybuilding

Steroid Alternatives

We all know that steroids are incredibly effective for packing on plenty of muscle mass fast. However, they can be downright dangerous and are also illegal! Steroid alternatives, on the other hand, are legal supplements which deliver steroid-like benefits, but without the dangerous side effects.

This section includes a range of natural supplements which have been developed to mimic the positive effects of anabolic steroids while providing a safe alternative to the illegal products.


  • Give you an edge over competitors without causing the legal issues of real steroids
  • Not only contribute to massive gains but also enhance overall athletic performance and strength
  • If you’ve hit a plateau with your progress, a legal steroid can help you smash through it


  • Inferior quality products will have a poor mix of ingredients or an ineffective quantity: these are to be avoided
  • You’ll only see the promised results of a legal steroid if you’re dedicated to a serious and intensive workout program: there are no magic pills.

Ssteroid alternatives can have a heavy focus on either cutting (shredding fat) or building muscle. Some will target both, while other products will focus specifically on one or the other.

A top quality product can also contribute to other areas: they can significantly speed up your recovery times, provide a massive boost to energy and strength, and increase your vascularity. The clear benefit of legal steroids is that you can achieve extreme results, provided you put in the gym time!

Editor’s Note:

Remember: these supplements are not magic pills. The good steroid alternatives will only work when you use them with an appropriate workout and diet plan in line with your specific goals – whether that be to shred fat, gain massive muscle or both.

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Supplements

Growth hormone is critical for – you guessed it – growth! And that includes muscle growth. HGH supplements are built to provide just the right level of growth hormone production in your body and provide a safe alternative to dangerous and illegal synthetic HGH.

Choosing the right HGH supplement can have a significant impact on the success of your bodybuilding efforts. Legal alternatives to HGH can provide you with immense benefits – without the risks.

Whether it’s building muscle, burning off that stubborn fat, gaining in strength and energy and just acquiring that physique you’ve been working so hard to get: natural HGH supplements are providing the answer for more and more men who not only care about the way their body looks – but about their health as well.


  • Provide similar benefits to HGH injections but you won’t get the nasty side effects
  • You won’t run into any legal issues with a natural HGH alternative
  • A top quality HGH supplement will start giving you noticeable results quickly


  • Not magic pills: to gain muscle, you need to work out regularly while you’re taking an HGH supplement.
  • They might not work as instantly as synthetic HGH; but on the upside, you’re not suffering from adverse effects either.

If you feel you’ve been stuck behind a barrier when it comes to making progress, HGH supplements can be exactly the answer you’re looking for. The benefits of HGH supplements include increasing your energy, speeding up your recovery times and of course: faster muscle gains!

Editor’s Note:

Natural HGH supplements won’t act as a miracle – you still have to work hard to get the results you want. But they can seriously boost and accelerate your results to new heights and beyond what other classes of supplements are capable of.

Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testosterone is the #1 hormone that will make or break your ability to gain muscle, increase strength and burn off fat. So it goes without saying that if you want to achieve maximum results from your training, you need to focus on supporting your T-levels as seriously as you possibly can. Using a high-quality testosterone booster is the quickest and most powerful way of doing just that.


  • Stimulate the production of testosterone in a safe and legal way
  • Increased testosterone can contribute to a stronger bone density – providing better support for more muscle
  • The best bodybuilding supplements contain ingredients that have wide-ranging benefits beyond just boosting testosterone levels, including enhancing your quality of sleep and speeding up recovery post-workout


  • No matter how great a testosterone booster is, it won’t magically build muscle for you. Be prepared to put in the gym work if you want the results that a product promises
  • The very best testosterone booster supplements can be expensive

Testosterone boosters aim to ramp up your production of all vital testosterone; the hormone which will make or break how much muscle you gain, and how much fat you do (or don’t) store – as well as a host of other health factors like your libido, energy, and even your mental health.

Editor’s Note:

Studies show that boosting testosterone helps increase muscle mass while making it easier to burn fat – but only if you’re using a quality testosterone supplement. An effective testosterone booster can help reverse your naturally declining testosterone if you’re aged 30 and up when testosterone begins to decrease.

Our Advice and Recommendation

Keep in mind that it’s often possible to stack multiple muscle building supplements (always check with the manufacturer first for their stacking recommendation), so you don’t have to settle on one single type of supplement. This allows you to compound the effects of each product, potentially giving you off the chart results.

Editor’s Note:

Once you’ve decided on your specific goals: whether that be to boost your testosterone level, gain mass or to experience the benefits of a real steroid without risking your health, you can then select from some of the very best supplements that we’ve researched to make your decision easier.

And remember: the best supplements are only as good as the workout and diet program you combine them with. If you’re dedicated to getting the absolute max out of every rep, set and workout, the best bodybuilding supplements can only enhance your results to levels not otherwise possible without resorting to steroids.

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