Best Growth Hormone Boosters 2020: See Our Top 10 List

Growth hormone, or human growth hormone (HGH) is an essential hormone that stimulates the growth and development of the human body. It is vital for the production and generation of cells, meaning it contributes to the growth of body tissue, including your muscles.

Benefits of Using Growth Hormone Supplements

With HGH, your body can’t help but be put into an optimal anabolic state where your gains are intensified, and you start to see faster and more significant results increasingly from the same workout program you’re doing now. The very best HGH supplements are designed to:

  • Encourage your body to release more natural HGH and to boost your strength and energy so you can train harder and longer
  • Speed up and increase muscle growth and muscle recovery and repair
  • Help strip body fat so you can finally get that ripped physique
  • Improve your muscle to fat ratio, so your body is always building muscle and not storing fat

As we can see, growth hormone covers a huge spectrum of health, therefore boosting HGH has wide ranging effects. It’s true that some people are just naturally able to put on muscle and burn fat with less effort than others. HGH alternative supplements allow those without the very best genetics to get on a level playing field so that you too can get the results you should be getting from your workouts and your diet.

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We’ve spent a considerable amount of time researching, comparing, analyzing and summarizing the very best HGH supplements currently available.

The 10 Best HGH Supplements in 2020

1. HGH-X2

CrazyBulk HGH-X2

HGH-X2 is designed as a legal and natural alternative to the human growth hormone Somatropin, and its goal is to help stimulate the release of this critical hormone that is needed for muscle growth. Increasing HGH can lead to faster and easier muscle gains as well as fat loss, which makes HGH-X2 ideal for using during a cutting cycle when you want to shed maximum fat and get lean.

Human growth hormone is also known to have many additional benefits on top of its importance for muscle growth, and these relate to ageing, brain function, reduction of tissue injuries, skin health, and for increasing energy. Despite these potential bonus benefits, HGH-X2 is very much marketed as a mass and strength gaining supplement.

The main goal of HGH-X2 is to increase the amount of growth hormone, which is essential for all types of growth of the body including the muscles. HGH increases protein production which is why it’s so important for muscle growth. Like testosterone, levels of HGH also decline with age and HGH-X2 aims to help reverse that decline by using the amino acids that have shown to stimulate growth hormone release.

What’s in HGH-X2?

There’s just four ingredients in the HGH-X2 formula, with three plant extracts and one amino acid. Maca Root, Hawthorne Berry Extract, Mucuna Pruriens Extract and L-Arginine make up this minimalist formula that has clearly been put together to achieve a focused goal of stimulating growth hormone production.


The amino acid L-arginine has shown in studies to enhance growth hormone response considerably when taken while resting, but when supplemented with exercise it can boost growth hormone levels by up to a whopping 500%. Even without supplementation, physical exercise is a stimulator for the release of growth hormone, so by increasing the amount of L-arginine this process receives an extra boost.

Mucuna Pruriens

Mucuna Pruriens comes from the velvet bean and has shown in studies to enhance the amount of circulating growth hormone in physically active males. It is included in HGH-X2 for its ability to increase lean muscle mass, strengthen bone density and to reduce body fat. It’s also thought to improve the mood and and libido, while contributing to other benefits that mirror that of growth hormone like improved skin texture and potential anti-aging effects. Mucuna Pruriens may contribute to recovery as it’s believed to help improve sleep quality by helping you achieve a deeper sleep.

Maca root

Maca root has shown an ability to help balance hormones which is particularly important for men who want to ensure estrogen levels do not rise, while maintaining optimal amounts of testosterone and other hormones that contribute to growth and strength. This plant has been used in traditional medicine as a libido enhancer and may also provide benefits for stamina and energy. Maca has shown to be a mood enhancer and might also contribute to improved brain function.

Hawthorne Berry

Hawthorne Berry has a whole range of benefits including for the heart and blood pressure, for stress and anxiety relief, and because it’s a potent antioxidant. It aids in digestive health by enhancing digestion of nutrients including protein, so proteins can be more readily broken down into the amino acids needed for muscle building. This ingredient is thought to contribute to weight loss by helping to reduce water retention, and this is its main benefit as part of the HGH-X2 formula.

HGH-X2 Benefits Review

  • Stimulates release of human growth hormone and helps reverse age-related decrease in HGH
  • High quality muscle gains
  • Intended to give similar results to Somatropin growth hormone
  • Ideal for cutting cycles where you want to trim maximum fat and get lean
  • Burns fat fast by using existing fat as energy, speeds up recovery

HGH-X2 comes from a reputable supplement manufacturer, with Crazy Bulk having gained a reputation for offering some of the most popular natural bodybuilding products available today. As the company’s only supplement purely focused on increasing production of HGH and all the benefits that come with it, HGH-X2 is a niche product for guys who know exactly what they want: specifically lean muscle gains, fast recovery and fast fat burning without the risks or legal problems that come with synthetic human growth hormone.

2. Growth Hormone Stack

Growth Hormone Stack

The Growth Hormone Stack is a super sized stack made up of five of the most powerful natural and legal steroid alternatives developed to date. The goal of this stack is to deliver massive gains in muscle, extreme improvements in strength and performance and fast fat burning.

Each supplement in the stack has its own specific benefits, so when they’re all combined you’re able to get results not only in the area of boosting growth hormone, but across the entire spectrum of the most important ways of enhancing the body’s natural processes to gain muscle, strength and so much more.

What’s in the Growth Hormone Stack?

With five products, there’s a lot of ingredients working together. Some of the highlights in each of these supplements include:


HGH-X2 features just four ingredients to naturally stimulate growth hormone production. This includes Mucuna Pruriens that can improve the level of circulating growth hormone, Maca root which may assist in keeping estrogen levels low and therefore increasing testosterone, and the amino acid L-arginine which can boost HGH to high levels when used with regular exercise.


D-Bal contains some unique ingredients including Suma Root which is known as a natural support for the adrenal system and one that can help reduce stress hormones, leading to better hormonal balance including that of testosterone. This updated formula now includes Ashwagandha which boosts fat loss and helps with lean muscle gain. Tribulus Terrestris and the amino acid L-Isoleucine are other important components in the D-Bal formula.


DecaDuro makes use of Wild Yam which has several benefits, including to aid in recovery and reducing muscle soreness, and boosting energy and motivation. A number of amino acids are included in DecaDuro such as L-Citrulline and L-Arginine alpha-Ketoglutarate which both boost nitric oxide and get increased blood flow and nutrients to the muscles, and Acetyl-L-Carnitine for endurance, energy and recovery, and


In Testo-Max, the amino acid D-aspartic Acid is the key ingredient that stimulates production of testosterone and also regulates testosterone synthesis. Other ingredients in Testo-Max include Nettle Leaf Extract, Ginseng, Fenugreek, and Bioperine which increases the absorption and bioavailability of all the other ingredients.


The fat burner Clenbutrol features well known fat loss ingredients like Garcinia Cambogia, Guarana and Bitter Orange Extract. Clenbutrol is a pre-workout supplement that boosts the metabolism and encourages the body to burn stored fat as energy, while increasing energy and endurance so you’re powered up to burn maximum calories at every workout.

Growth Hormone Stack Benefits review

  • Five powerful supplements combined
  • Naturally stimulates production and circulation of growth hormone and also boosts free testosterone levels
  • Speeds up fat burning and enhances the resting metabolism

Using a natural and legal growth hormone booster like HGH-X2, combined with the four other supplements in this stack gives you “the ultimate growth combo”, and it’s clear to see that this is a potent combination of natural formulas. The Growth Hormone Stack is made for anyone wanting a HGH boost and a whole lot more in all areas of performance enhancement and muscle growth.

3. Marine Muscle Klicks

Marine Muscle Klicks

Klicks is a unique natural growth enhancer supplement, but unlike other growth supplements out there, Klicks isn’t just about growing muscle – it also focuses on increasing your height and strengthening your body’s core structure.

The main goal of Klicks is to help you grow taller by improving bone density and stimulating bone growth as well as supporting the strengthening of joints and cartilage to encourage gains in height.

Improvements in general joint flexibility is a positive side effect from the Klicks formula, while the joints and cartilage around the spine are strengthened so that your potential to grow taller is increased because of the large number of moveable bone segments that make up the spinal column which Klicks aims to improve the strength of, potentially leading to increased height.

What’s in Klicks?

Only natural ingredients are used in Klicks, and it’s quite an extensive list of ingredients in the formula. Several amino acids are included including the important branched-chain amino acids, as well as a number of natural growth hormone boosting ingredients.


The three BCAAs L-leucine, L-isoleucine and L-valine are an important part of the Klicks formula. The BCAAs stimulates the start of the muscle growth process, which is protein synthesis. They also help reduce fatigue and muscle pain after exercise and may help stop the breakdown of muscle.


L-Ornithine is another amino acid used in Klicks, and this one helps remove excess nitrogen as well as helping with the release of growth hormone. Additionally, it contributes to the repair of tissue and skin. Other amino acids we see in Klicks are L-arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, and L-Glycine.


GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid) is also an amino acid but it’s one of the most important ingredients in Klicks because it can directly stimulate production of human growth hormone. Not only is it then highly useful for growth, but is also beneficial for fat loss since HGH plays a critical role in the metabolism of fat. Another big benefit of GABA is that it can help improve sleep quality, something that can only help with your recovery.


Colostrum is one of the star ingredients in Klicks, because it naturally contains high levels of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). Colostrum supplementation has shown to have similar benefits to whey protein, but with additional benefits relating to the anabolic hormone IGF-1 which is vital for the growth of the body as it is a known precursor for cellular growth – making this ingredient one of the most important and effective in the Klicks formula.


150mg per serving of Chromium is found in Klicks and we know that this trace mineral is needed for the functioning of insulin production. It has shown to be beneficial for gaining energy, losing fat, improving blood circulation and building muscle, as well as improving the ratio of muscle to fat. This can contribute to a stronger core, therefore helping sustain the strength and stability needed to improve spinal health and strength in preparation for gaining height.


One of the less familiar ingredients in Klicks is Inositol which is similar to a vitamin and is beneficial for mental health and for improving the functioning of insulin. Inositol is known for its role in helping the muscles contract and for encouraging the use of fat for energy.

Tribulus terrestris

The famous herbal extract Tribulus terrestris also features in Klicks, with its potential to boost testosterone which is a critical factor for increasing strength, which leads to greater growth in all areas.

Klicks Benefits Review

  • Strengthens the support structure of the body to encourage growth
  • Boosts bone density, bone strength and joint and cartilage strength
  • Stimulates structural development to increase height
  • Uses powerful natural growth factors and amino acids

Klicks is not the lowest priced growth supplement available, but it is one with a highly unique and targeted goal that will appeal to those who are keen to grow not only in muscle strength, but in height as well. By strengthening the core of your body, including the spine and the cartilage and joints of the spine, the ability to gain height is increased.

4. Raw HGH

Vigor Labs Raw HGH

Described as a highly concentrated formula that supports growth hormone production, Raw HGH is mainly made up of plant extracts. There are no vitamins, minerals or amino acids contained in the formula.

Raw HGH does not disclose the quantity of each individual ingredient. Instead they list a proprietary blend of 7 ingredients totalling 500mg per serving. This does not make it possible to know which ingredients may be contributing the most to the overall outcome, and which are used in smaller quantities.

GABA (Gamma Aminobutyric Acid) is one of only two ingredients in Raw HGH that aren’t plant extracts. GABA works to block the brain signals that cause anxiety, but is also used for fat burning, pain relief and muscle growth.

The daily dosage of Raw HGH is only one capsule, telling us that their claim of it being a highly concentrated formula appears accurate particularly when compared with some of the other HGH boosters that require you to take up to 6 capsules per dose.

Colostrum with 30% immunoglobulin boosts immune health and is high in proteins, vitamins and probiotics. Colostrum is critical to growth in newborn mammals, and colostrum supplements have shown in studies to increase the concentration of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) during exercise.

5. GH Max

Universal Nutrition GH Max

GH Max is a growth hormone support formula by Universal Nutrition who have been making supplements for over 20 years. It contains an ingredients list that is different to all the other GH supplements we’ve looked at.

Vitamin B6 is the only vitamin used in GH Max. The formula is rich in amino acids, with L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate (AAKG), L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine and L-carnitine being the central ingredients. Also included are phytosterols which includes beta-sitosterol and Gamma Oryzanol.

Gamma Oryzanol is often used as an athletic supplement with some studies shows it to contribute to improved muscle strength after resistance training, although in much greater quantity than the amount found in GH Max.

L-Ornithine is one of the lesser known amino acids, but it’s critical in the process of removing excess nitrogen from the body. It’s inclusion in GH-MAX is due to its known contribution to wound healing and improving sleep. Ornithine naturally slowly converts to arginine and these two amino acids are complimentary and often used together by athletes. GH-MAX contains a balanced arginine to ornithine ratio of 2:1.

GH Max comes in tablet form and is to be taken as a pre-workout supplement on training days, while you can also take it on nights you don’t train.

6. Raw IGF-1

Vigor Labs Raw IGF-1

Designed for hardcore bodybuilders who want optimal training results and muscle growth, Raw IGF-1 makes use of deer antler velvet which contains insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1). Apart from the benefits of growth of muscle and increases in strength, IGF-1 is also thought to be useful in healing joint cartilage and tendon.

While taking very large amounts of deer antler velvet may raise the risk of IGF-1 showing up in drugs tests, products like Raw IGF-1 which make use of this ingredient aim to do so at doses that are both safe and legal. Another main active ingredient in the blend is Longjack extract which has long been used as a libido booster, but it has also shown an ability to raise serum testosterone and increase muscle strength.

As with a number of other products in this category, colostrum has been included thanks to its powerful protein and vitamin content and its ability to increase IGF-1 during physical activity. Bioperine, a patented bioavailability enhancer, has been included to ensure all the other ingredients are quickly and effectively absorbed and processed for optimal results. Raw IGF-1 has one of the highest ratings for a growth hormone booster at



This is another supplement that contains a very simple formula of one active ingredient. That ingredient is Ursolic Acid, taken from a deciduous tree from China. But this saponin is also found in common fruit peels such as apples and common herbs like thyme. However eating enough of these foods only provides minuscule amounts of ursolic acid; Conquest 250 contains 250mg of this extract per dose.

So what makes ursolic acid so powerful that it can be used as a standalone ingredient? This plant compound is described by some scientists as having “anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-apoptotic, and anti-carcinogenic effects“. It has shown to be able to improve capacity for exercise, which helps you workout longer. Ongoing research on this compound has led to it being labelled a “body recomposition agent” that has the ability to both increase muscle and decrease fat.

CONQUEST 250 aims to stop the problem of muscle atrophy – when muscle tissue is broken down and lost. The company has chosen ursolic acid based on studies that have shown it to help reduce catabolism of the muscles while also increasing new muscle growth, and also reducing fat at the same time.

8. Urso-X

AST Urso-X

Another product in this category that relies on the power of ursolic acid as a single ingredient is Urso-X. The form used in this product is taken from the leaf of the well known herb rosemary, with the content of ursolic acid taken from that source measured at 25%. 600mg of rosemary extract is included, so each serving contains 150mg of ursolic acid.

As we’ve seen with other supplements that make exclusive use of this powerful compound, the benefits are numerous and extensive. When it comes to muscle growth, ursolic acid can play a critical role in stopping the dreaded process of muscle catabolism and instead encourages the burning of fat while both maintaining existing muscle and building new muscle tissue.

Ursolic acid has wide ranging benefits in other areas of health which are being studied including for the brain, liver and for various cancers.

Urso-X contains slightly less ursolic acid per capsule than the quantity of the compound found in each capsule of CONQUEST 250. Urso-X contains 75mg per capsule, with around 83mg per capsule of CONQUEST 250. The daily dosage recommendation of Urso-X is 6 capsules spread out through the day.

This supplement is relatively new and is just beginning to have customers send in their reviews; but so far results look positive with a score of over 9 out of 10 in total.

9. Dynamic HGH

Olympian Labs Dynamic HGH

The formula of Dynamic HGH is broken up into three sections: one is a vitamin and mineral blend made up of Vitamin B6, magnesium and zinc, then there’s the “Muscle Maximization Proprietary Blend” containing two amino acids, Mucuna Pruriens and melatonin, and finally is the “Insulin Potentiating Proprietary Blend” consisting of deer antler velvet, Cinnulin PF and Vanadyl Sulfate.

The presence of insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) is what makes deer antler velvet such a sought after ingredient in muscle building products. But this ingredient is said to have a ton of other benefits as well, ranging from improving joint flexibility, increasing energy and endurance, boosting the immune system, increasing testosterone, helping with fat burning and reducing blood pressure.

Cinnulin PF is a patented ingredient used in Dynamic HGH. This is simply a type of cinnamon bark extract. It helps optimize the pathways of insulin, improve body composition and lower blood pressure. This researched patented form of cinnamon extract has had the most powerful compounds isolated from the rest of the less useful parts of cinnamon.

Vanadyl Sulfate helps regulate blood sugar similarly to insulin and is thought to help optimize the delivery of proteins, amino acids and carbohydrates to the muscles.

10. Growth Factor-9 Drink Mix

Novex Biotech Growth Factor-9 Powder

With most HGH boosters coming in capsule form, Growth Factor-9 takes a different approach in the form of a powder that you simply mix with water and drink either morning or night with two hours of no food either side. This product makes the bold but somewhat unusual claim of being the only product to have shown in scientific trials to increase serum growth hormone levels – by 682%. That does not mean other products don’t have proven results; it simply means Growth Factor-9 is the only one to have raised levels by that exact percentage.

This formula contains five amino acids, including the little known Oxo-Proline, also called Pyroglutamic acid. This amino acid plays a role in glutathione metabolism which is a powerful antioxidant that helps reduce oxidative cell stress. Another ingredient in this product is N-Acetyl Cysteine, a form of the essential amino acid cysteine which increases production of glutathione. We can see the company has put an emphasis on the antioxidant glutathione in this formula. It also boosts brain health and stabilizes blood sugar.

The only ingredient in Growth Factor-9 that isn’t an amino acid is the plant extract Schizonepeta which may be useful for relieving muscle and joint pain. Growth Factor-9 is one of then more expensive growth hormone boosters we’ve looked at with a price point considerably higher than most of the competition.

Do HGH Supplements Work?

Growth hormone supplements have the core aim of increasing the amount of HGH (human growth hormone) that is produced in the body. Your body naturally produces growth hormone. It’s known that intensive exercise brings about the natural release of growth hormone. So the goal of a growth hormone supplement is to increase this to a higher level.

The key is to find a GH supplement that is formulated to deliver, based on scientific evidence of the effectiveness of each ingredient. The best ones all have something in common: they make use of proven, effective natural ingredients which encourage the body to produce and release more human growth hormone that you can reap the benefits of. This is done by:

  • Boosting the human growth hormone that the pituitary gland releases into the blood
  • Encouraging more nitrogen retention in the muscles

By triggering the pituitary gland to release more HGH, your levels of growth hormone are at their peak at all times. Being an anabolic hormone, HGH makes it possible for you to gain muscle, burn off fat and increase protein production in the body.

Retaining nitrogen is a key process in muscle growth, and when the body has a positive nitrogen balance, it’s in prime position for muscle gains. Additionally, better nitrogen balance means faster recovery times.

HGH Supplements vs. HGH injections

Some people aren’t aware that you can get all the benefits of HGH injections, without the needles! Natural HGH pills can provide real benefits, without the risk of legal issues and nasty side effects. This is all thanks to years of research on natural ingredients and plant extracts that are now known to have a positive impact on releasing human growth hormone.

These are all natural HGH supplements, which means they are not steroids and all ingredients are derived from natural sources: many of which have extensive use in natural health as well as backed up by scientific studies. Unless otherwise mentioned, you can expect no risk of side effects with any of these HGH alternatives when they are used according to the manufacturer’s directions.

Ingredients that will Boost HGH

Unfortunately not every HGH supplement will deliver on its promises. For every great product, there are several more that may not be worth your money. One of the best ways to determine the potential of a supplement is merely to look at the ingredients list and to be aware of which ingredients work.

We’ve put in countless hours to research which ingredients are the very best ones to be used in natural HGH products. These are the top ingredients you should be looking out for:

Mucuna Pruriens

You might see this ingredient in some of the best testosterone boosters as well, but its real strength is when it’s used as an HGH releaser. Studies have found this extract contributes to the release of dopamine in males, which is linked to the release of human growth hormone. One study showed that HGH was increased in several Parkinson’s disease patients.


This is a must-have ingredient in any decent HGH supplement. A key ingredient that is known to be able to promote the release of HGH from the pituitary gland, which leads to increased muscle growth and strength and faster fat loss. L-Arginine can also be listed as 2-Amino-5-Pentanoic Acid in some products. We’d go so far as to say that without this ingredient, an HGH releaser is unlikely to be worth your time.


Maca has been included in many HGH supplements thanks to its ability to also stimulate the pituitary gland into releasing HGH. Importantly, Maca has shown in studies to increase the luteinizing hormone serum levels of the pituitary hormone. Maca extract has long been used in natural health and is full of vitamins, minerals, and healthy fatty acids.

Beta Sitosterol

Beta Sitosterol is known to have a powerful ability to lower cholesterol levels and help with reducing inflammation, which is essential in the process of muscle recovery (study here). This ingredient is also thought to help stop testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). While Beta-sitosterol may not be the most powerful of all the HGH ingredients, it still has an important role to play.

Hawthorn Berry

It is known for its ability to help with muscular blood flow, Hawthorn berry is a favorite bodybuilding supplement extract because the more blood you get going to the muscles, the more nutrients are delivered: and the more strength and gains you achieve. Hawthorn berry is also being studied for its benefits on cardiovascular disease.


Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid or GABA is a vital amino acid for the process of growth hormone secretion, so needless to say having this ingredient in an HGH releaser supplement is going to add potency and effectiveness. Studies have shown that GABA increases both the resting and post-exercise levels of growth hormone.

Deer antler velvet

Deer antler velvet is the only ingredient known to contain IGF-1, when used in carefully measured quantities deer antler velvet is an extremely powerful growth factor ingredient that still remains legal and safe.


L-arginine is one of the most critical amino acids for growth as it is vital for production of nitric oxide which can boost the amount of oxygen and nutrients being taken in the blood to the muscles.


Colostrum is a unique ingredient in this category of supplements with studies proving that it boosts concentration of IGF-1 in physically active people.

Ursolic Acid

A small number of growth hormone boosters make use of Ursolic Acid which can help stop the loss of muscle, while also assisting with the loss of fat. For this reason it’s often called a body recomposition ingredient.

Our Conclusion and Recommendation

Each one of the HGH supplements detailed in this category is capable of delivering outstanding results to people who are dedicated to using them correctly.

As we can see, several different approaches are taken to boosting growth with the top ten growth hormone boosters we’ve reviewed. Some rely on just one ingredient in ursolic acid, while others take a more traditional approach to bodybuilding and this is seen with ingredients like amino acids and other powerful mostly well established plant extracts used.

If we had to pick a winner, it would be HGH-X2 with its most impressive list of our favorite ingredients and the obvious satisfaction that so many people are getting from this supplements with their excellent results. With the killer combo of 4 potent HGH ingredients in HGH-X2 (Maca, Mucuna Pruriens, Arginine and Hawthorn berry) it’s hard to look past this supplement.

The other nine products certainly have their merits as well when it comes to boosting your growth hormone levels and the huge benefits that come with enhancing your HGH naturally and legally.

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