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Best Testosterone Boosters – 2019 Top 10 List

Best Testosterone Booster Supplements

Testosterone booster supplements can be used for a range of goals. Many men are searching for safe and natural ways of boosting testosterone without risky side effects, so these natural supplements can be highly appealing.

Most of them make use of specific amino acids, vitamins and plant extracts which are thought to contribute in some way to increasing testosterone production or availability to the body. Some of the most commonly used ingredients you’ll find in this supplement category include D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Ginseng, Fenugreek and Tribulus; but there are many other well known and lesser known ingredients used across the range of supplements which may play a role in healthy testosterone function.

Testosterone levels begin to naturally decrease as men age, and with this drop in T levels comes all sorts of undesirable effects: loss of muscle, increased difficulty in gaining muscle while fat seems to be easier to put on and harder to lose, loss of libido and drive, lack of energy and motivation; the list goes on. And all this can start happening to men as early as their 30s.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Booster Supplements

The main benefits that testosterone booster supplements naturally relate directly to the function of testosterone in the body, and how male health can change for the worse when this hormone is low. Testosterone booster supplements generally aim to deliver:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass (an easier ability to gain muscle)
  • Decrease fat and reduce the tendency to store fat
  • A boost in energy, focus, mood and stamina of both the body and mind
  • A noticeable increase in libido and sex drive
  • Stop testosterone being converted to estrogen so this female hormone does not rise beyond the normal low level that males have
  • Reverse the negative effects of low testosterone such as excess fat (including “man boobs”), low energy and motivation, low libido and loss of muscle.

Along with the aging process, modern day lifestyles are putting men at higher risk of experiencing a drop in testosterone. Additionally men can experience a rise in estrogen, the female hormone, and this brings about a further decrease in testosterone as well as a range of undesirable symptoms that can mirror those experienced from having low T levels.

Medical testosterone therapy is expensive, not available for everyone, and comes with its health risks. It is little wonder therefore that more and more men are turning to natural testosterone enhancing supplements to raise T levels and experience all the benefits of getting this critical male hormone back into optimal levels in the blood, with little to no risk of adverse side effects.

We’ve Researched the top 10 Testosterone Booster Supplements for 2019. Check out what we’ve found:

1. Testogen

Testogen testosterone booster

Testogen is targeted at men who want to raise their T levels safely and naturally. It can be used by males who are seeing a decrease in their testosterone as they get older, as well as those just wanting the extra benefits of maintaining an optimal level of this most important hormone.

The Testogen formula is made up of three vitamins, three minerals, one amino acid, and four plant extracts. It comes with a host of benefits which directly relate to increasing testosterone. This includes halting the effects of low testosterone such as low energy, reduced muscle and a low libido.

The changes that should be expected when taking Testogen include higher stamina and strength and an improved ability to gain muscle, while losing fat. Feeling more mentally energetic, focused and confident are additional benefits of Testogen, as a result of rising testosterone

This supplement comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and is claimed to have no side effects. You can choose to take anywhere from one to four capsules of Testogen daily, depending how big of a dose you want. The company has a testosterone quiz you can take to estimate your ideal dosage, although they also recommend having your T levels medically tested so you know exactly where you’re at and what dose of the supplement will benefit you most.

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2. Testo-Max

CrazyBulk Testo-Max

This testosterone booster from CrazyBulk is made for the serious bodybuilder whose main reason for wanting to raise testosterone levels is to pack on muscle and gain enormous strength. Testo-Max is designed as a safe and legal alternative to Sustanon, which is a medically injectable testosterone replacement therapy.

You can use Testo-Max both to bulk up and for cutting because the underlying mechanism is to seriously boost testosterone so you get massive increases in energy and strength; leading to more intense and longer workouts with faster results. Testo-Max also speeds up recovery so you can hit the gym again sooner.

CrazyBulk claims you will see results within only two weeks, making Testo-Max one of the faster working natural testosterone boosters. They do ensure that you know that these results are only possible when you are dedicated to ongoing hardcore workouts and a proper diet – Testo-Max is not a magic muscle formula.

As with other T booster supplements, one of the power ingredients in Testo-Max is D-Aspartic acid due to its known role as an amino acid that regulates the synthesis of testosterone. When we take a close look at the entire ingredients list of Testo-Max we can see it is exactly the same as that found in Testogen, including identical quantities of each ingredient.

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Evlution Nutrition EVL Test

Labelled as a testosterone support complex, EVL TEST can be used by any male who has goals from building muscle, to increasing stamina and even for improved sleep quality. This is an all round testosterone booster that contains a standard set of ingredients that we’ve seen across many other test boosters. EVL TEST contains 3120mg of D-Aspartic Acid, plus Vitamins B6 and D3, zinc and magnesium. The plant extracts are the commonly used Tribulus Terrestris, Fenugreek and the more uncommonly seen Diindolylmethane – taken from the cruciferous plant family – which assists with preventing the wasted conversion of testosterone into the female hormone estrogen.

Optimizing sleep quality is a major goal of EVL TEST, and we know adequate rest is an important contributor to muscle gain and performance. The company says that Vitamins B6 and D are included for this reason, although Vitamin D is also important for support of healthy testosterone function. This supplement is designed to be taken before bedtime, unlike many other testosterone boosters which are directed to be taken first thing in the morning.

EVL TEST receives consistently positive feedback from users and has a respectable 9 out of 10 rating from over 1300 customers at

4. Prime-T

RSP Nutrition Prime-T

Prime-T has the goal of targeting all areas of health that testosterone impacts. From muscle growth to prostate health, libido enhancing, to increased strength and immunity.

Once again we do see significant overlap of ingredients when comparing Prime-T to other T booster products. D-Aspartic Acid plays a key role, with fenugreek and the familiar vitamins and minerals included, as well as Bioperine for increased bioavailability of all the other ingredients.

But there are some unique additions to this formula which are worth mentioning. Safed Musli Extract has long been used as a natural libido enhancer and is included in Prime-T as supporting a healthy sex drive is a core aim of this product. Prime-T goes to lengths to let us know their formula contains a greater dose of D-Aspartic Acid compared with most other T boosters, with 3200mg of DAA per serving.

Diindolylmethane (DIM) is another ingredient not used in all testosterone boosters. This is a compound taken from plants in the broccoli family and has benefits in blocking the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, and thus making more testosterone available for use in areas of muscle and strength growth. Currently Prime-T has one of the highest ratings from customers across all testosterone supplements, with a score of well over 9 out of 10 from almost 1000 customers.

5. Alpha JYM – JYM Supplement Science


This supplement is designed to work in five ways to bring about optimal testosterone levels: by increasing production, by balancing other hormones, by freeing up testosterone for use, to stop the loss of testosterone, and to reduce oxidative stress which can lead to a drop in T levels.

The maker of Alpha JYM makes a major point that not only does the product support healthy testosterone levels and function, but also helps keep estrogen levels balanced as too much estrogen in the male body results in some very undesirable traits including a decrease in testosterone.

Alpha JYM is one of the most unique formulas we’ve looked at in this supplement category, as it doesn’t make use of many of the ingredients found in the other products. There are no vitamins or minerals at all. Instead the ingredients consists of six plant extracts. These are: fenugreek, damiana leaf powder, Ashwagandha, Diindolylmethane, Tongkat ali and Quercetin.

As one of the more unique ingredients, Quercetin provides a point of difference between this supplement and many other testosterone boosters. This ingredient is an antioxidant which supports testosterone products, and which may boost immunity and increase muscular blood flow – allowing you to enhance your weight lifting performance and build muscle faster.

Damiana is another unique ingredient in Alpha JYM that is used in traditional medicine for enhancing sexual function and it can potentially assist in helping maintain a normal hormonal balance.

6. Pro Series Alpha Test

MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test

Alpha Test does not contain the range of vitamins and minerals we see in most of the other testosterone booster products. Instead, it includes only zinc and then focuses on a range of herbal and plant extracts: Tribulus, fenugreek, Shilajit, boron citrate, and broccoli.

This supplement doesn’t claim to be able to fix abnormally low testosterone in men like some of the other products we’ve looked at. However if your testosterone is already within a range considered normal, Alpha Test claims it can still raise the hormone and increase levels of free testosterone (that is testosterone that’s available for the body to use). The inclusion of broccoli powder, which is often listed in other supplements as diindolylmethane (DIM), has shown to have hormone regulating effects including stopping testosterone from converting to estrogen.

With a standard ingredient list amongst testosterone boosters, Alpha Test is also one of the lowest priced supplements in this category. Alpha Test comes in capsules that are described as “rapid release bio-capsules“, however no further information is provided by the company on exactly how these capsules might work faster than regular capsules, so we don’t currently have evidence to support this claim one way or another.

7. Animal Stak

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

Aimed at serious athletes wanting a big performance boost, Animal Stak has a core goal of optimizing the anabolic state of the body so you’re in a position to gain strength and build muscle. Described as a complete anabolic vitamin stack, we can see this one takes a slightly different approach to some of other brands by focusing on a whole range of health outcomes in addition to boosting testosterone.

Looking at the ingredients list of Animal Stak and you immediately notice just how much has been packed into this formula. It contains significantly more than any of the other T boosters we’ve looked at. Along with increasing testosterone, Animal Stak acts as a growth hormone booster, while giving special attention to optimizing the anabolic state of the body. This include a Hormone Amplifying Blend consisting of several amino acids and patented ingredients, a unique “Anti-Aromatase” formula which aims to reduce testosterone to estrogen conversion in men.

The testosterone part of the formula is similar to what we see in other supplements, making use of extracts like Tribulus Terrestris, Longjack, fenugreek, stinging nettle and maca. Animal Stak is a testosterone booster with a big difference and is suited for those looking for much more than only raising testosterone levels.

8. Test HD

MuscleTech Test HD

Described as a hardcore testosterone booster, Test HD is clearly aimed at those wanting extreme results. However, the company makes little mention of exactly what those results could be, instead focusing only on the fact that testosterone will increase by using this supplement. It’s clear that the product is designed for guys who already know what benefits they’ll get from increasing T levels, so the company makes no specific claims.

Test HD does not rely on many vitamins or minerals, with only zinc and calcium included. Some of the more common extracts seen in this category are used in the formula, including Tribulus, Shilajit, boron, stinging nettle, and a couple of lesser used ingredients in Velvet bean extract and Broccoli powder. Due to the use of shilajit, an additional benefit that Test HD claims to have is to increase ATP blood levels which is the basic energy in cells which is critical for muscle growth.

Despite claiming to be a very potent formula, they make sure to state that your testosterone level will still remain within the normal range when taking the supplement. Test HD has been rated 4 or 5 stars from the majority of nearly 350 customers currently, indicating this is a popular and successful testosterone booster that’s delivering the expected results to most users.

9. Testo Fuel

Testo Fuel

Not all testosterone boosters are designed purely as muscle building supplements, but Testo Fuel does fall into that category. Its one focused aim is to remove the barriers to muscle growth that relate to testosterone, particularly for men whose low testosterone might be holding back their ability to pack on muscle.

We see many familiar ingredients in Testo Fuel, with D-Aspartic Acid once again taking a lead role. The usual range of vitamins and minerals are there, along with ginseng and fenugreek.

Oyster Extract is a unique ingredient used in Testo Fuel that we don’t see in most other products in this category. The key to the power of this ingredient lies in its very high zinc content, with zinc contributing to testosterone health and a reduction in conversion to estrogen. Testo Fuel provides a big zinc hit, with an additional inclusion of another 10mg of zinc along with oyster extract.

Testo Fuel lends credibility to the muscle growth ability of this supplement by advertising the endorsement of a former professional bodybuilder who uses the formula. The supplement comes with a 90 day refund guarantee and the company states that you should wait at least two months before seeing the full benefits of Testo Fuel.

10. Prime Male

Prime Male

Prime Male targets men who want to regain their masculinity in all areas of life. It’s not just a muscle builder, but rather focuses on the whole spectrum of health that testosterone plays a role in. This does of course include gaining muscle, but also with claims of being able to give a man confidence that the supplement will help with “becoming a stud” with women, boosting the libido, leave fatigue behind, enhance mind function and mood, improve blood pressure and cardiovascular health, and lose excess fat particularly around the stomach.

The formula of Prime Male is made up of familiar ingredients that we see across this product category. Several vitamins, minerals and plant extracts are included. One of the more unique ingredients is Luteolin, which has shown that it could help with reducing production of the female hormone estrogen. As wit many other T boosters, D-Aspartic Acid plays a key role in Prime Male’s formula.

Prime Male is aimed at men over 30 who are seeing a naturally declining testosterone level and the associated effects. It claims to be able to increase testosterone by 42% in only 12 days and comes with a 90 day guarantee.


Our in depth research of natural testosterone booster supplements reveals that many contain a very similar set of ingredients, with some having a mirror image ingredient list such as in the case of Testogen and Testo-Max.

The fact we keep seeing the same ingredients amongst multiple products in this category indicates that these are known to be highly effective in influencing the process of testosterone production, or the function and use of the hormone in the body. However, if you’re looking for a more specific goal, such as huge muscle growth or just improving your sleep quality, there are enough differences between most of these supplements to be able to select one that will meet your own personal aims in any area of health where optimizing your testosterone function plays a key role.

For those wanting to use a testosterone booster mainly to enhance muscle and strength increases, the good news is that most supplements in this category are priced considerably lower than other types of muscle building supplements, providing a solid starting point with low financial risk.

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