Best Testosterone Boosters 2020: See Our Top 10 List

Testosterone booster supplements can be used for a range of goals. Many men are searching for safe and natural ways of boosting testosterone without risky side effects, so these natural supplements can be highly appealing.

A good test booster is designed to:

  1. Safely increase, optimize and maintain your testosterone levels
  2. Boost your ability to increase muscle, strength, endurance and overall athletic performance
  3. Enhance the libido and improve self-confidence and motivation

Testosterone production decreases gradually as men age, but even among younger men, there can be a significant difference in natural testosterone levels. Some guys are naturally fortunate to have consistently good test levels, while many will require a boost if wanting to experience the real benefits of healthy testosterone levels when it comes to bodybuilding and fitness.

Benefits of Using Testosterone Booster Supplements

The main benefits that testosterone booster supplements naturally relate directly to the function of testosterone in the body, and how male health can change for the worse when this hormone is low. Testosterone booster supplements generally aim to deliver:

  • Increased strength and muscle mass (an ability to gain muscle)
  • Decrease fat and reduce the tendency to store fat
  • A boost in energy, focus, mood and stamina of both the body and mind
  • A noticeable increase in libido and sex drive
  • Reverse the negative effects of low testosterone such as excess fat, low energy and motivation, low libido and loss of muscle.

Medical testosterone therapy is expensive, not available for everyone, and comes with its health risks. It is little wonder therefore that more and more men are turning to natural testosterone enhancing supplements to raise testosterone levels with little to no risk of adverse side effects.

Editor’s Note:

We’ve dedicated considerable time researching, comparing and checking the facts about the best testosterone boosters currently on the market. Bellow is our list of the best supplements that are proven to deliver results.

The 10 Best Testosterone Booster Supplements in 2020

1. Testogen

Testogen testosterone booster

Testogen is one of the best natural testosterone boosters and aims to restore testosterone to healthy levels in men who are seeing a decline in this hormone as they age, as well as any men who simply wants to enjoy the benefits of having increased and optimized testosterone production, including bodybuilders and athletes. It can also be used as a natural libido booster.

When using Testogen you can expect to experience positive effects in the areas of stamina, strength, muscle gaining ability, fat loss, energy, confidence, focus and mood. And many of these benefits can begin becoming noticeable within just the first week, but keep in mind that muscle and strength gains do take time and Testogen must be combined with a solid weight lifting routine if muscle gains are your main goal.

After a few weeks of using Testogen you should start feeling like you can keep up your training longer and at a more intense level; supercharging your gains. Last but not least, Testogen provides a boost to the libido, enhancing that aspect of your life as well which is so dependent on having health testosterone levels.

What’s in Testogen?

The Testogen formula has been carefully put together and is made up of several vitamins and minerals, amino acids and a number of well established plant extracts that have multiple benefits. Let’s have a closer look at what you’ll be taking when you use Testogen:

Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 has shown to be highly effective in raising testosterone in men who were deficient in the vitamin. Our modern indoor lifestyle put many people at risk of being Vitamin D deficient which can have e negative impact on testosterone.


Vitamin B6, zinc and magnesium are often used together as they are in Testogen. This combination is known as ZMA and has many benefits, including contributing to gains in strength, energy and power. Magnesium is important for the metabolic system, muscle health and sleep, while B6 can contribute to increasing energy. Zinc is needed to help build protein, and low zinc levels can lead to low testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is a critical amino acid for testosterone synthesis, and it’s so important for the production of this hormone that Testogen includes a massive 2352mg of D-aspartic acid per serving, making it the highest active ingredient in the entire formula.

Nettle leaf extract

Nettle leaf extract or stinging nettle may be able to help maintain higher levels of free testosterone (that is testosterone available for the body to use) by helping block the hormone from binding to the protein SHBG.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng is a powerful antioxidant that is known to help with brain function, immunity, sexual performance, energy and blood sugar. It can also increase nitric oxide levels which helps get more blood and nutrients to the muscles.


Fenugreek is a herb that has shown in some studies to have a positive effect on testosterone production, as well as on many other areas of health including thyroid function – and this is critical for men wanting to maintain weight as poor thyroid function can lead to weight gain. Fenugreek has also shown to improve exercise performance, making it a very powerful herb that plays a lead role in Testogen’s overall goals.


Studies are still ongoing to prove the effectiveness of boron citrate, a trace mineral, on testosterone production but it is known that boron has an impact on how the body uses testosterone, estrogen and Vitamin D. Boron is also known for its essential role in bone health as well as improved brain function and muscle coordination. Boron has also shown to improve healing of wounds and improve the absorption of magnesium; another ingredient used in Testogen.


Bioperine is made from Black Pepper Extract and has the sole purpose of increasing the bioavailability of the rest of the ingredients in Testogen. This means a higher rate of nutrients are absorbed faster.

Testogen Benefits Review

  • Useful for boosting naturally declining testosterone which can start in the mid 20s
  • Eliminate low testosterone symptoms like tiredness, depression, low libido, difficulty gaining muscle, weight gain, and more
  • Enhanced strength and stamina so you can exercise longer and more often
  • Boosts concentration, mood and mental focus for a more positive outlook on life

Testogen comes in three different packages, and the more you order the more money you save. This is a supplement suited for men who are seeing a decline in testosterone or who just want to optimize their testosterone health without the risk of side effects and without spending a fortune on other forms of testosterone therapy.

2. Testo-Max

CrazyBulk Testo-Max

Testo-Max has a major focus on boosting testosterone production for maximum benefits in the areas of gaining muscle, strength and stamina as well as with your recovery.

The supplement is marketed as a legal alternative to anabolic steroids, with potentially similar results but without the risky health and legal issues that come with steroids.

While this product focuses mostly on big muscle and strength gains, there’s a host of other positive effects that come with boosting testosterone levels: this includes increased libido, more stamina, and faster post-workout recovery. You can expect to see noticeable increases in energy and the ability to supercharge your workouts in terms of both intensity and length, thanks to the boost in stamina and endurance.

What’s in Testo-Max?

D-aspartic Acid

D-aspartic acid is the most powerful central ingredient in Testo-Max. This amino acid plays a star role in triggering the production of testosterone and in regulation of testosterone synthesis.

ZMA (zinc, magnesium and Vitamin B6)

Vitamin B6 is particularly useful in boosting energy, while magnesium is crucial for muscle health and the metabolism – and optimizing your metabolism is vital for the proper use of proteins, carbohydrates and fats from the diet when it comes to energy and muscle growth. Magnesium also contributes to sleep quality which is vital for maximizing your recovery.

A study of ZMA supplementation on elite athletes found a notable increase in growth hormone and testosterone, indicating that these ingredients are highly beneficial for testosterone in males who regularly undertake intensive exercise.

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettle Leaf Extract may help stop the action of an enzyme that converts testosterone to the unwanted female hormone estrogen.

Ginseng Red Powder

Ginseng Red Powder is included in Testo-Max in a small quantity; this is an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory . It has shown to potentially increase nitric oxide, which helps carry more nutrients and oxygen to the muscles for greater strength and endurance while working out.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek extract has proven in studies to have a significant impact on increasing strength, reducing fat and improving body composition in people who regularly do resistance training. The study also showed a rise in free testosterone levels amongst participants.


Bioperine (Black Pepper Extract) provides an extra boost to the main ingredients by increasing their bioavailability which increase the amount and speed of nutrients entering the circulation so they can start taking effect faster.

Testo-Max Benefits Review

  • Boosts testosterone naturally so you can break through your normal limits
  • Bigger and faster muscle gains; Easier fat loss
  • Increased workout performance with more energy and endurance
  • Faster post-workout recovery, enhanced libido and sexual performance

Testo-Max is promoted as a natural and legal alternative to a truly powerful steroid, but to get the most out of this supplement you will need to continue with a hardcore bodybuilding routine and suitable diet. This is also a relatively high priced testosterone booster when compared with other products in this section.

Testo Max is designed for the more extreme athletes in mind, with a heavy focus on building massive muscle and strength by boosting testosterone to maximum levels. It has a narrow focus of seriously boosting testosterone by making use of some of the most powerful natural ingredients known.


Evlution Nutrition EVL Test

As an all round testosterone and performance boosting supplement that can have many benefits for men wanting to increase this hormone safely and naturally, EVL TEST is for guys who have goals ranging from gaining muscle and losing fat, to boosting stamina, energy and motivation, and improving sleep and recovery.

EVL TEST is described as a “training and recovery amplifier” for use by any male ranging from the most serious bodybuilders, to athletes of any level plus anyone who just regularly visits a gym or does regular physical activity and wants to boost and maintain prime health, fitness and training results.

This supplement focuses on supporting natural healthy testosterone levels with the goal of improving muscle strength, stamina, performance and sleep quality. It can also be used to enhance recovery so you can be ready for your next workout sooner.

What’s in EVL TEST?

The main positive outcomes that EVL TEST aims to deliver with its natural formula is to support natural testosterone levels, improved muscular strength, noticeably more stamina, higher athletic performance, and optimal sleep quality to enhance recovery.

This supplement contains many familiar ingredients that we often see in testosterone boosters. In total there are eight active ingredients which includes four vitamins and minerals, one amino acid, and three herbal extracts.

D-Aspartic Acid

3120mg of D-Aspartic Acid ensures a stable base of testosterone support, and it plays a critical role in the production of leutenizing hormone which is the hormone produced by the pituitary gland that stimulates testosterone production.


Fenugreek contains the valuable compounds known as furostanolic saponins and these are what makes this extract so valuable as they are thought to contribute to increasing testosterone. Studies have shown that fenugreek may be able to reduce the effects of low testosterone in men while also improving testosterone, particularly in those who have below normal levels. Studies on physically active men showed an increase in strength and lower body fat when supplementing with fenugreek for two months.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris has been used in natural medicine as a libido enhancer, and for this reason it’s suspected to have some positive effect on testosterone but studies are still ongoing to find out the true effect of this popular plant extract.

Vitamins B6

Vitamins B6 is a regulator of sex hormones and helps stimulate the part of the brain that controls testosterone, making it one critical vitamin that’s important not to become deficient in when it comes to testosterone health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is actually a prohormone, and D3 is included in EVLTEST for its multiple benefits including for controlling blood calcium which is important for bone health, and for immune system health. Importantly for its inclusion in EVL Test, D3 has shown in some studies to bring about a small but statistically significant rise in both total and free testosterone levels. We know that low testosterone and vitamin D deficiency is linked so it’s vital to keep this vitamin topped up.

Zinc and Magnesium

Zinc and magnesium are both critically important minerals for testosterone function. It’s well established that a deficiency in zinc results in lowered testosterone levels and that zinc supplementation increases testosterone, although the precise amount of increase depends on your current level; those with lower levels of testosterone will see the greatest increase. While magnesium increases both total and free testosterone in men, and also boosts its biological activity. EVL TEST makes use of a form called magnesium asparate which is known for its extra high bioavailability compared with other types that we sometimes see in similar products, like magnesium citrate.


DIM, or Diindolymethane, comes from our well known vegetables like broccoli. It’s thought to help protect against some cancers, while also helping to regulate estrogen levels and potentially block some effects of estrogen which can bring about some distressing symptoms in men like growth of chest fat, lack of muscle, fatigue, loss of libido and more.

EVL TEST Benefits Review

  • Ideal for any bodybuilders, athletes and regular gym enthusiasts who want to boost training performance and results
  • Useful for additional benefits like improving sleep quality and improving recovery
  • Enhances stamina so you can push yourself harder during exercise
  • Improves muscle growth as testosterone drives protein synthesis
  • Helps support better sleep to bring about higher quality rest and recovery
  • Reduces symptoms of low testosterone like lack of energy and difficulty gaining muscle
  • Lose fat faster and easier with optimal testosterone levels keeping estrogen at a minimum
  • Made in the USA

Like all test boosters, EVL TEST makes it clear that the formula doesn’t directly give you testosterone, but instead works by providing the ingredients that can encourage the body to increase its natural production of testosterone.

For those who are willing to undertake a dedicated workout plan, a proper diet, and to make the most of the improved sleep and rest quality that EVL TEST aims to deliver, this is a supplement that will help take your training results to new heights, quicken up your muscle gains, provide a noticeable increase in strength and energy and while reducing the decline of symptoms that come with having low testosterone levels.

4. Prime-T

RSP Nutrition Prime-T

Prime-T is useful for any aspect of life that a man wants to improve by increasing and optimizing testosterone production. Whether it’s to gain muscle and lose fat, boost libido, improve prostate health or increase mental focus and mood – Prime-T is an all round natural testosterone booster that aims to boost the health, well being and performance of both the body and mind of adult males.

There’s a whole range of benefits that Prime-T claims to be able to positive impact on by enhancing testosterone production and use in the body: Muscle growth is a priority, and we all know how critical testosterone is for not only growing lean muscle, but in reducing the storage of fat and being able to burn off unwanted fat efficiently.

This supplement focuses on helping you feel sharper for better motivation and energy: this leads to more focused workouts with enhanced stamina and strength, leading to bigger gains, faster gains and higher quality muscle gains. Prime-T is not a magic pill for muscle gains: you need to use the supplement combined with an intensive workout program and suitable diet if you’re going to see the promised results.

Prime-T also has a heavy focus on boosting the libido both through the use of ingredients that increase testosterone (critical for sexual function), and from ingredients that have a more subtle effect on increasing the sex drive, such as with the use of the traditional aphrodisiac safed musli.

What’s in Prime-T?

Prime-T contains much of the same ingredients that we often see in testosterone booster supplements. This includes zinc because of its critical role in testosterone health, with low zinc levels being proven to result in low testosterone. However Prime-T does not make use of the other ingredients commonly found along with zinc in many testosterone boosters: there is no magnesium or Vitamin B6 to make up the popular ZMA. Instead, zinc is a standalone ingredient and we see several other vitamins being used:

Vitamin B3 is also called niacin and it has shown to be beneficial in men experiencing erectile dysfunction; thereby being included in Prime-T as part of its sexual enhancement goals.

Vitamin B12 is needed for red blood cell and nervous system functioning. Low B12 levels are known to cause serious issues with the brain and mental health, including lethargy and depression. Prime-T includes this critical vitamin to help you maintain mental focus and optimal brain function.

Folate deficiency has shown to reduce the amount of circulating testosterone. Prime-T is one of only a small number of testosterone ingredients to include folate as an ingredient.

Vitamin D deficiency has become more common and with it comes a host of health problems, including a link to low testosterone. Prime-T includes vitamin D to ensure your levels are topped up and never dip down to where it could affect this critical hormone.

With 3200mg of D-Aspartic Acid per serving, Prime-T contains one of the highest amounts of this most important testosterone booster ingredients amongst similar products. This vital amino acid regulates testosterone synthesis and also contributes to the release of growth hormone; all of which leads to an increase in muscle gains, strength and recovery.

Fenugreek is another main ingredient with 500mg of the extract included in each serving. Acting as a testosterone stimulator plus helping stop the binding of testosterone to SHBG, fenugreek can also reduce the conversion of testosterone to the female hormone estrogen.

Maca extract is included mainly for its potential benefits on increasing the sex drive, while DIM (Diindolylmethane) can play a role in regulating the balance and intensity of estrogen, which is a hormone that can wreak havoc on male health if raised beyond its normal low levels.

BioPerine has been included in Prime-T to boost the bioavailability and absorption of the rest of the ingredients; this results in less nutrients going to waste, and a faster uptake of nutrients.

Boron, an ingredient we commonly see in testosterone enhancer supplements, is possibly effective in increasing testosterone as well as for decreasing estrogen.

Extracted from a plant in the familiar broccoli family, Diindolylmethane (DIM) is known to be able to help stop testosterone from being converted to estrogen. This increases the amount of testosterone that the body has available to use where needed and helps avoid the dreaded effects of unbalanced testosterone to estrogen ratios in men.

A lesser known ingredient in Prime-T is Safed Musli Extract and this one appears to mainly act as a libido enhancer. It has long been used as a natural aphrodisiac in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Modern studies have shown that safed musli can successfully enhance sexual vigour and libido, and this is one of the main goals of Prime-T.

Prime-T Benefits Review

  • Increases free and serum testosterone levels
  • Reduces and balances estrogen hormones
  • Amplifies lean muscle growth and boosts strength, improves recovery times
  • Positively impacts prostate health, enhances the libido and sex drive
  • Contains extra large dose of D-Aspartic Acid (3200mg); more than most similar products

One of the big selling points that make Prime-T stand out amongst much of the competition is that, while the ingredients used are not uncommon, the amounts of each ingredient per serving surpasses that of most other similar supplements. This potentially makes Prime-T one of the more powerful testosterone boosters, with the company stating that the ingredient quantities are based on scientific research and effectiveness rather than being increased just for marketing purposes.

For a solid testosterone optimization formula targeting all aspects of male health and at a price that’s within the mid-range of products in this category, Prime-T provides an appealing formula with well established ingredients and an easy to take once daily dose.

5. Alpha JYM – JYM Supplement Science


Alpha JYM is a unique natural testosterone boosting supplement that makes use of several ingredients that are not commonly seen in other similar products. It aims to both optimize testosterone production as well as help maintain a healthy balance of estrogen in men, in the prevention of testosterone being converted into the female hormone.

This supplement works to boost testosterone from five different angles. This includes maximizing and optimizing the amount of testosterone your body naturally produces, and by managing a good balance of the various hormones, including testosterone and estrogen, so that estrogen levels do not raise to undesirable levels.

Thirdly, Alpha JYM aims to increase the amount of free testosterone available for use. Then it works to prevent the loss of testosterone and the conversion of it to other compounds or hormones, ensuring levels are kept at their maximum.

Finally, this supplement takes the approach of reducing or preventing oxidative stress so that testosterone production is maintained at its highest potential level. This antioxidant function allows the cells that product testosterone to function at their highest level.

By creating a heightened anabolic environment through increasing free testosterone levels, Alpha JYM makes it possible to build muscle and lose fat faster.

What’s in Alpha JYM?

Most of the ingredients in Alpha JYM are very unique when comparing this supplement to other testosterone boosting products. We can see a range of interesting herbal extracts. The most familiar are Fenugreek and Diindolylmethane (DIM), with the other ingredients often being used in ancient traditional medicine.

Diindolylmethane (DIM)

DIM plays a role in the metabolism of estrogen and in turn this helps regulate the level of free testosterone that is able to circulate in the blood which can reach the muscles and brain.


Fenugreek is often thought as of as a natural testosterone enhancer, although studies are still inconclusive as to the exact role it can play. It does however have some other significant benefits including boosting sex drive thanks to its aphrodisiac properties, helping maintain healthy blood sugar levels, and can aid brain health and focus because Fenugreek contains some choline which is a nutrient that’s critical for good brain function.

Damiana leaf

Damiana leaf is also used in Alpha JYM and this extract has shown in studies to block the aromatase enzyme which converts testosterone to estrogen, and this can lead to an increase in available testosterone and maintenance of optimum hormone balance. It has long been used in traditional medicine as a sexual performance enhancer.


There are ongoing studies around the way that Ashwagandha might contribute to increasing testosterone This is a herb long used in traditional Ayurveda medicine which is showing promising results in mildly raising testosterone levels particularly in men who undertake regular weights training.

Tongkat ali

Tongkat ali is known for its positive impact on testosterone and to reduce the symptoms that men experience as they get older. Studies have shown excellent results with this ingredient in increasing the total and free testosterone concentrations as well as muscular force in older men.


Quercetin is a a plant flavonoid that has known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s also thought to contribute to strengthening immunity and importantly for muscle growth and performance, may increase blood flow to the muscles.

Alpha JYM Benefits Review

  • Creates an optimal anabolic environment for muscle gain and fat loss
  • Encourages the body to continually produce more testosterone
  • Helps block the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • Supports brain health and mental focus
  • Uses unique ingredients, most of which are not found in other natural testosterone boosters
  • Protects testosterone producing cells by providing antioxidant support
  • Total daily dose results in 1000mg of fenugreek, ashwagandha and damiana

Alpha JYM is made for healthy males who want a natural testosterone support formula. Described as being a natural testosterone booster and estrogen blocker, this supplement provides a unique choice amongst testosterone supplements by making use of ingredients that we rarely see in other products.

6. Pro Series Alpha Test

MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test

Pro Series Alpha Test is made by MuscleTech and is described as a maximum strength testosterone booster made for use by physically active men from powerlifters to endurance athletes and everyone in between.

Alpha Test can boost the amount of free or serum testosterone that is circulating and available for use in all the areas that are important to male health. Additionally it is designed to maintain optimal testosterone to estrogen steroid hormone ratio and enhance ATP levels to boost workout performance.

Let’s look at the three main methods that Pro Series Alpha Test targets to optimize testosterone:

Increasing serum and free testosterone

Increasing the level of free testosterone is most important as this is the testosterone that is bioavailable. Alpha Test increases both the total and free levels of the hormone, so that more is available to absorb and use instead of binding to two proteins that render testosterone unusable by the body.

Decreasing estradiol

This is a female estrogen steroid hormone and when it is too high in men, disturbing symptoms occur like sexual dysfunction, enlarged breasts, muscle loss and weight gain. Pro Series Alpha Test works to reduce and balance estrogen levels in men so that high estrogen does not become a problem, and to avoid having testosterone convert to estrogen.

Boosting ATP

Adenosine triphosphate is what powers the cells with energy and it’s critical for the production of protein and contraction of muscles. Increasing ATP levels lets you work out harder and longer. Because ATP depletes from the muscles during exertion, replenishing it is vital and that’s what Alpha Test aims to do with the use of shilajit, which has shown to increase levels of ATP within only 15 days.

What’s in Pro Series Alpha Test?

Unlike many other natural testosterone boosters, we don’t see a mixture of vitamins and minerals in Alpha Test. Zinc is the only mineral included due to its critical role in testosterone production.

The main active ingredients in Alpha Test are Shilajit and Tribulus. They then list fenugreek, Brassica oleracea (broccoli) powder and zinc as supporting ingredients, although each of these all have a powerful and valuable role to play in the overall goals of the supplement.

Tribulus terrestris

Tribulus terrestris extract has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for virility and libido. It has shown to have noticeable positive effects on enhancing the libido in studies, while also suspected of having a positive benefit on testosterone production.


Fenugreek has shown in studies that it can bring about an increase in testosterone in men, as well as improvements in the libido. The most powerful part of fenugreek that is suspected of are the compounds furostanolic saponins which are thought to directly contribute to boosting the production of the hormone. As a result of increased testosterone after using fenugreek, studies showed that the men in their strength, along with reduced body fat. Alpha Test contains a form of fenugreek that contains 50% saponins for maximum potency.


Shilajit extract in the form of the patented PrimaVie provides a purified and high quality form of this unusual natural ingredient sourced from the Himalayas which is often used for it’s anti-aging properties. Shilajit has many known benefits, including to boost male sexual health, to increase cellular energy and for improving fitness and endurance. Research has shown that PrimaVie shilajit increases total serum testosterone levels within three months.


Zinc is a mineral known for its critical role in testosterone health, and the form included in Alpha Test zinc gluconate which is considered to be more highly absorbable and thus available for use by the body. Maintaining optimal zinc levels is required for keeping testosterone within the normal healthy range.

Broccoli powder

Broccoli powder, also known for its beneficial compound diindolylmethane (DIM), is included as it can help reduce the amount of testosterone being converted to estrogen. By restricting the amount of estrogen competing with testosterone, more testosterone can bind to and activate the androgen receptors which then brings about the positive effects that testosterone provides.


Boron is known for being critical for maintaining bone health. It is a trace mineral which has also been proven to positively impact how the body makes use of testosterone, estrogen and Vitamin D. Additionally, boron has shown to beneficial for brain function. When it comes to boron’s effect on testosterone, the studies are clear: this trace mineral has shown to provide a significant increase in free testosterone within only one week of starting supplementation. By increasing free testosterone, the amount of testosterone available to circulate through the blood is increased by decreasing the amount of total testosterone that binds to protein sex hormonenbinding globulin (SHBG).

Pro Series Alpha Test Benefits Review

  • Increase levels of free testosterone and maintains a vital balance between testosterone and the female hormone estrogen
  • Increases ATP for enhanced strength and power during workouts
  • Boosts libido and sex drive
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Comes in rapid release bio-capsules for quicker absorption

Alpha Test is an affordable natural testosterone enhancer that has the added bonus of also boosting ATP levels to help power your workouts to new levels – resulting in muscle gains that are both faster and bigger, and an easier path to losing unwanted fat.

It’s one of the lowest priced products in this category of supplements, making it an affordable entry level choice for any male wanting a safe testosterone and performance enhancer without the risks. The price of this supplement is low compared with its competitors, despite very similar ingredients used.

7. Animal Stak

Universal Nutrition Animal Stak

Animal Stack is made for dedicated athletes and bodybuilders who want to take their results to the next level putting the body into a prime anabolic state for muscle growth and strength gains. Described as a non-hormonal anabolic natural hormone boosting supplement, Animal Stak aims to give a critical edge to hardcore bodybuilders who want to push well past their regular limits.

Animal Stak combines a testosterone booster, HGH enhancer, an anti-aromatase and a recovery aid all into one.

We quickly see that this is a serious supplement backed with a lot of research. Self described as a “complete anabolic vitamin stack“, Animal Stak works in multiple ways, with one aspect being focused on increasing testosterone, while there are multiple other outcomes incorporated into the formula as well, which is broken up into separate mini-formulas, ultimately making this like a stack contained within one product.

This product was developed over ten years ago and since then, the formula has evolved to one of the most extensive combination of ingredients found in any supplement of its kind. It works to optimize the internal hormone synthesis in a natural way, to help you get bigger and stronger by boosting workout performance and thus, resulting in faster, bigger gains.

Animal Stak works by naturally boosting both testosterone and growth hormone, by supporting recovery and by inhibiting the aromatase enzyme that leads to testosterone being converted to the female hormone estrogen.

What’s in Animal Stak?

The ingredients are combined into multiple sections based on the specific goal: there’s a pro testosterone complex, growth hormone support, aromatose combating complex, hormone amplifying blend and a restorative support complex. In many ways, Animal Stak is multiple supplements combined into one.

Tribulus Terretris

Tribulus Terretris is a traditional enhancer of the libido and thought to have some positive benefit on testosterone health. It, along with established ingredients fenugreek, stinging nettle and maca are included in the 1500mg Testosterone Support Complex part of Animal Stak.


Longjack is the final ingredient of the testosterone formula. This is a plant from the tropics and it has long been used in traditional medicine to help with male infertility and sexual desire, as well as for improving athletic performance. Supplementing with longjack has shown in studies to increase the level of serum testosterone in men who are experiencing low serum testosterone.

Growth Hormone Support formula

The Growth Hormone Support formula also comes in at 1500mg per serving and consists of an Arginine Complex containing a patented combination of L-Carnitine and Arginate which promote cell growth and cellular energy. It has been developed to provide benefits for the heart, brain and central nervous system. There are two other trademarked ingredients in this growth hormone aspect of Animal Stak: SuperSerum and Sustamine.


SuperSerum is a specially formulated anti-aging serum that is said to help purify and clear the skin, increase skin hydration, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. As growth hormone may contribute some anti-aging effects, SuperSerum builds on that to offer these extra bonus benefits to Animal Stak.


Sustamine is made up of the amino acids L-Alanine and L-Glutamine which has a higher bioavailability than regular L-Glutamine. The goal of this ingredient is to support the immune system and to support hydration with the aim of enhancing exercise performance. This ingredient is known as a dipeptide because it is a chain of two bonded amino acids which is able to more easily transport to the cells of the intestine, resulting in faster nutrient delivery to the muscles.

Hormone Amplifying Blend

The extra Hormone Amplifying Blend is an extensive combination of powerful amino acids, extracts and patented formulas. GlycoCarn is included, which is a special formulation of L-Carnitine developed specifically as a natural performance enhancer that can help increase the amount of oxygen available during exercise – the more oxygen available to carry nutrients to the muscles, the harder and longer you can workout with better results.


AgmaPure is anther aspect of the Hormone Amplifying Blend. This is a natural nitric oxide booster made to boost pumps and performance while improving body composition, lean muscle, and reducing body fat.


AstaPure is another proprietary ingredient included, and this is a natural form of Astaxanthin which is known as a hugely powerful antioxidant. Derived from a type of microalgae, this ingredient has wide ranging benefits that you’d expect from a potent antioxidant: from skin, eye and brain health, to enhanced immunity and cardiovascular health. The overall goal of this ingredient is to protect the body from oxidative stress which brings about serious health issues and a reduction in performance ability.


Quercetin, a plant flavonoid included in Hormone Amplifying Blend, is a known anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory and is often used to support immune and prostate health. It may also be useful as a recovery aid.

Animal Stak Benefits Review

  • Boosts testosterone and helps maintain an optimal anabolic state
  • Also functions as a growth hormone enhancer
  • Reduces the conversion of testosterone to estrogen
  • Dual all-in-one benefit of enhancing both testosterone and growth hormone
  • Enhances muscle repair and recovery

As a natural anabolic support supplement with a formula that has been revamped over the years for the greatest potency, we can see that considerable research has gone into this combination of ingredients that covers multiple areas which ultimately all contribute to greater power and mass gains. So much is packed into the formula, but in a very focused and planned way, allowing Animal Stak to essentially be a true stack that delivers in multiple areas including but not limited to testosterone enhancement.

8. Test HD

MuscleTech Test HD

Coming in at the more serious end of the spectrum of testosterone boosting supplements is MuscleTech Test HD, clearly being aimed at men who mostly want to increase testosterone in order to achieve hardcore muscle growth results. MuscleTech claims to be the biggest selling bodybuilding supplement brand in America, giving extra credibility to this product.

Described as a hardcore testosterone booster, Test HD still contains much of the same ingredients that we see across products in this category. This does however include most of the more powerful and potent herbal extracts like Shilajit, boron and Tribulus terrestris.

MuscleTech makes it clear that TestHD is intended for physically active men who want to supercharge their muscle building and strength results by using ingredients that increase free testosterone, which then initiates the muscle building process.

In addition to increasing and optimizing testosterone, Test HD also aims to boost ATP blood levels so you can experience increased power during your workouts. It claims to be able to increase ATP within only 15 days through the use of shilajit.

What’s in MuscleTech Test HD?

This is one of the more unique natural testosterone boosters out there, with little in the way of vitamins and minerals present (only calcium and zinc), but we also see an extensive combination of herbal and other natural extracts in the formula.

These include the relatively well known boron, stinging nettle and the powerful tribulus terrestris for its effectiveness at boosting testosterone levels and particularly for enhancing the libido.


Test HD makes use of the patented form of Shilajit known as PrimaVie which has shown in a study to increase the total levels of serum testosterone within 90 days. Another big benefit of the PrimaVie form of shilajit is its ability to boost ATP levels. Adenosine triphosphate is needed to both store and use the energy required for muscle contractions you perform during weight lifting. The more optimized your ATP levels are, the harder you’ll be able to push those weights – and gain faster, bigger muscle.

Broccoli powder

Broccoli powder is also used in the Test HD formula; it is full of vitamins and minerals like magnesium and B vitamins(which makes up for their exclusion in the formula), but the main reason this ingredient is used is because of a compound called diindolylmethane (DIM). It is known to help the immune system by eliminating toxins. DIM has shown in studies to help with estrogen metabolism and is known to stop the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen; by inhibiting this enzyme, less testosterone is lost and unwanted estrogen (a female hormone) is kept at a low level.


By making use of boron, Test HD states that free testosterone may be increased, and estrogen decreased in as little as seven days. This is based on studies undertaken with boron showing that it can potentially bring about those results within such a short period of time.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle root has long been used to treat joint and muscle pain and for prostate health, although the jury is still out on whether it can positively impact testosterone. However, its benefit for fighting inflammation is useful for athletes and may assist in recovery.


Test HD makes use of one of the lesser used mineral ingredients we see in testosterone boosters in the form of calcium. Studies have shown that calcium supplementation resulted in an increase in testosterone levels in men who trained while using a calcium supplement that was higher than the increase in testosterone in men who didn’t supplement with calcium. The study showed that calcium can contribute to a testosterone boost in men who undertake regular physical activity and that it can improve athletic performance.

MuscleTech Test HD Benefits Review

  • Claims the formula has resulted in free testosterone increasing within only seven days
  • Increases total and free testosterone
  • Boosts ATP levels and concentration in the blood
  • Use as a pre-workout supplement on workout days
  • Doesn’t require on and off cycling and therefore no PCT (post-cycle therapy) is needed

Test HD by MuscleTech is made for guys who know what they want (big muscle gains) and one of the most important things needed to get it (testosterone). Rather than make specific claims about what you’ll achieve by using this formula, Test HD focuses on telling us just how well this product works to boost T levels and most importantly, boost free testosterone that’s actually available to benefit from. By using ingredients that mostly have solid science behind them, MuscleTech Test HD is a reliable choice as a testosterone booster.

9. Testo Fuel

Testo Fuel

TestoFuel is all about providing the best testosterone enhancement for the purposes of gaining muscle and strength. There are additional benefits to be had though, like a boost to your libido and confidence and reduced body fat.

This is a supplement that will appeal to any person (it is also useful for women) wanting to gain muscle, increase libido, enhance energy and stamina, and just to feel better about life by optimizing this most important hormone.

TestoFuel is all about breaking down the barriers to achieving muscle gains. Low testosterone and lack of enough of the most important nutrients are one of the key reasons for struggling to gain muscle, keep it on and to burn fat efficiently Men with low testosterone will gain some of the highest benefits from Testo Fuel, but it can also be used by those who just want to optimize and maintain their T levels at the most ideal level.

What’s in TestoFuel?

D-Aspartic Acid is the most important ingredient in TestoFuel. It has a known role in testosterone synthesis, producing all important growth hormone and for helping gain muscle. D-AA has shown in studies to significantly boost testosterone levels.

Vitamin D helps regulate testosterone synthesis and studies have shown supplementing this vitamin, one that many people become deficient in without realizing, can result in an increase of total and free levels of testosterone.

Ginseng is good for the immune system, brain function and mood as well as being a natural libido booster. This herb, long used in traditional medicine, may have powerful effects in stimulating production of testosterone. Additionally, by increasing the amount of nitric acid contained in your blood, ginseng can help boost your weight lifting performance by providing extra muscle power.

Vitamin B6, Magnesium and Zinc makes up the established ZMA formula that supports the metabolism, muscle strength, stamina, immune system, energy, muscle recovery and sleep, while also potentially increasing testosterone and growth hormone in physically active men. Vitamin B6 is a regulator of sex hormones and is involves in the process that stimulates testosterone production. Magnesium raises the levels of free testosterone as well as increasing how biologically active testosterone is. Zinc deficiency is known to lower testosterone.

Deficiencies in K vitamins is known to reduce testosterone production, so Testo Fuel includes Vitamin K2 in the formula to ensure you’re getting enough of this critical vitamin.

Oyster Extract is a very rich source of zinc, adding an additional zinc source to Testo Fuel. Zinc helps boost testosterone, particularly when there is a zinc deficiency. Zinc may also contribute to reducing the conversion of testosterone to estrogen. Oyster extract has also long been used as a natural aphrodisiac.

Fenugreek is another ingredient in TestoFuel that contains zinc. It also has other powerful minerals in it like selenium and magnesium. The main role of fenugreek in this supplement is to reduce the occurrence of the protein (SHGB) that testosterone binds to and becomes unavailable. By allowing more testosterone to remain freed up, higher levels of the hormone are available for use by your body.

The nutrients contained in TestoFuel are intended to work together to “open the floodgates” of testosterone. No actual hormones are contained in the natural formula; instead the ingredients should help stimulate the processes that lead to an increase of testosterone overall, and a boost to the amount of testosterone actually available for use (known as free testosterone).

TestoFuel Benefits Review

  • Boosts muscle growth and recovery times
  • Increases energy so you can work out at your maximum potential
  • Lose body fat easier and faster
  • Enhances the libido, also helps enhance cognitive function and mood
  • Contains two different high zinc ingredients
  • Can also be used by women

TestoFuel is designed to give you the gains you want by providing the testosterone support needed to get the maximum out of your fitness and diet program. With a risk-free 90 day guarantee, TestoFuel comes as a low risk option for those wanting a testosterone booster that contains most of the well established ingredients we see in this supplement category in a formula that has been regularly updated to provide maximum benefit.

10. Prime Male

Prime Male

Prime Male is a natural testosterone boosting supplement that targets all areas of male health that can be negatively impacted by poor testosterone levels. While it can be used as a muscle gainer, it’s also designed to deliver improvements in multiple aspects of life and for this reason the company calls it a “vitality complex” and not simply a testosterone booster or muscle enhancer.

Prime Male aims to target the alpha male instincts in men by describing the supplement as a “red pill” for regaining masculinity. It targets a whole of life improvement as a result of increasing testosterone, particularly in men aged over 30 who might be starting to see the negative effects as a result of a gradual natural decline in the hormone. For this reason Prime Male is described as being able to “turn back the clock on male aging“.

The supplement claims to be able to reverse more serious declines of testosterone in older men, potentially taking the levels back to what they were decades ago in the late teens and 20s.

Prime Male works by enhancing the amount of testosterone available in the bloodstream so it can then be used for muscle growth, strength enhancement, increased energy, a higher libido and an overall boost to vitality. And it says it can do all this, while getting rid of the unwanted symptoms of low testosterone, both safely and quickly with the use of twelve nutrients.

What’s in Prime Male?

A familiar combination of minerals, vitamins and botanical extracts make up the Prime Male formula. What’s in Prime Male is just as important as what the company has chosen to leave out of the formula.

For example, they are adamant that Tribulus Terrestris does not have a positive effect on testosterone despite its use in other products. Additionally, they note their choice of not including other ingredients like DHEA and Tongkat Ali which they are concerned can produce health complications.


Luteolin is a unique ingredient in Prime Male that we don’t see in many other similar supplements. Luteolin can potentially help minimize production of estrogen, which is the female hormone that males need to keep in check at low levels in order to retain an optimal testosterone balance. It’s also known as an anti-inflammatory and a powerful antioxidant, which may help contribute to improving workout performance and muscle recovery as free radicals can contribute to fatigue of the muscles.

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is a key ingredient in Prime Male and so many other testosterone boosters. That’s because it has shown positive results in numerous studies for its ability to raise testosterone when used as a supplement; although research is still ongoing to discover just how effective it can potentially be.

D-AA is an amino acid that is critical in the process of hormone release, including in the process of testosterone production. The form of D-AA used in Prime Male is calcium chelate which the company notes is 75 times more water soluble than the regular type of D-Aspartic Acid which increases bioavailabilty and absorbability and reduces the risk of stomach upset that can sometimes be experienced with regular D-AA.


Boron which is well known for its ability to help decrease the protein that testosterone binds to, thus making more testosterone available for circulation in the blood.

Korean Red Ginseng

Korean Red Ginseng is included mostly for its natural ability to act as a libido enhancer, which is one of the main goals of Prime Male.


Magnesium citrate also contributes to lowering the testosterone binding protein SHGB and as a result brings about a further increase in free testosterone. This form of magnesium is selected due to its higher absorption rate.


Zinc is the other vital mineral for healthy testosterone, with it being proven that low zinc levels results in low testosterone. Studies have shown that older men with only a mild deficiency in testosterone saw an exceptional improvements in their T levels when supplementing with zinc.

Stinging Nettle

Stinging Nettle Root may also reduce the amount of testosterone that binds to the SHGB protein, as well as directly increasing testosterone because it contains beta-sitosterol.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a critical vitamin for testosterone production as it stimulates the hormone that then signals for the production of testosterone to take place. B6 is also needed to help properly absorb the minerals zinc and magnesium; both of which are used in Prime Male.


Prime Male also makes use of the trademarked ingredient BioPerine which has the purpose of increasing the availability of the main ingredients in the supplements; and it claims to be able to do so by a factor of up to 20 times. This means the active testosterone boosting ingredients in Prime Male are absorbed faster and can be more readily used by the body, with less nutrients going to waste.

Prime Male Benefits Review

  • Aims to help men over 30 regain their masculinity through restoring testosterone
  • Not just for bodybuilders, but for any male wanting to enhance wellbeing
  • Reduces estrogen production and supports muscle growth
  • Boosts confidence, mood and mental wellbeing; Increases the libido
  • Reduces fatigue and burns fat more easily

Prime Male is for men who want to not only optimize testosterone for maximum muscle growth, but also want to change their life the all round benefits that come with raising testosterone and maintaining it a healthy level. Prime Male appears to the middle aged and older male who longs for the days of heightened masculinity, and with claims of being able to boost testosterone to levels they were decades ago with no side effects, this is a supplement any man should consider.

What to Expect from Natural Testosterone Boosters

The quality ones can utilize safe ingredients which promote the production and maintenance of testosterone, which then helps you to reap the benefits by getting maximum results from your training.

Encouraging the Production of Testosterone

The endocrine system plays a vital role in the production of testosterone and a whole range of complex chemicals, compounds and processes in the body lead to this happening. Many of these compounds are obtained in the diet, but too many people do not receive enough in a natural diet.

Additionally, those seeking out the more extreme benefits of testosterone, such as gaining muscle, usually need to boost their T levels to higher than average; and importantly, maintain the hormone at an optimal level. The first and most important role of a testosterone booster supplement, therefore, is to enhance the production and levels of this most vital male hormone.

Reducing Estrogen

Estrogen is the female hormone, and in men, some testosterone can be converted to estrogen. Too much estrogen (and not enough testosterone) can result in weight gain, loss of libido and the dreaded “man boobs.” Some of the best testosterone boosters will include ingredients which act to reduce or stop the amount of testosterone that is getting converted to estrogen.

Boosting Free Testosterone Levels

Free testosterone is measured differently to total testosterone. Like other hormones, testosterone can bind to other substances in the body, making it less available and less easily used by the body for what we want it for. Boosting free testosterone, rather than just total testosterone, is a key factor in what separates the great testosterone boosters from the mediocre ones.

But only some testosterone boosters do all of this. Others are not so effective, or can even cause reverse side effects. While some people believe steroids and hormones are the only possible way to raise your T levels, this is no longer the case.

Natural testosterone boosters provide an alternative option that comes without the risks of steroids. Increased advanced research in recent times has led to natural products being developed that are more powerful than those of the past – and more and more serious bodybuilders are turning towards natural testosterone boosters and seeing very positive results.

Do Testosterone Boosters Work?

We know for sure that testosterone plays a central role in the process of muscle growth. One of the primary ways it does this is to increase muscle protein synthesis. Unfortunately, testosterone production starts to decline in men from the age of 30 onwards naturally. On average, this happens at a rate of about 1% decline in testosterone each year after age 30.

Declining testosterone leads you to experience a host of unwanted changes: reduced ability to gain muscle, increased body fat, lower bone density, decreased confidence and motivation, and lower libido. So clearly, boosting testosterone is not only crucial for your muscle gains but your entire health and well-being as a man.

Low Testosterone in Men: Causes, Symptoms and Treatments

Every man will see his natural testosterone levels gradually decreases as he ages, and this usually starts between the ages of 30 and 40. While some men may not even notice their gradually lowering T levels as they get older, for other men it can have a drastically negative impact on quality of life.

Men who have very low testosterone can experience some serious symptoms, and may also have an underlying problem causing a dramatic decrease in hormone levels. It is important therefore to have your testosterone levels checked by a doctor, to find out whether or not you are within the normal range for your age.

What are the Causes of Low Testosterone in Men?

Apart from the natural decrease in testosterone that men experience with age, there are many other reasons why your T levels might drop to an abnormal level, or to a level that impacts on your quality of life.

These include:

  • Excessive alcohol intake
  • Depression
  • Poor thyroid gland function
  • Side effects of medications or chemotherapy
  • Obesity
  • Testicular cancer
  • Some genetic disorders

Only your doctor can determine whether any of the above factors are the underlying cause of your low testosterone.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Once your testosterone starts to drop, the symptoms to begin to notice can be distressing. They can, in the most severe cases, make you feel like your entire manhood is under threat. However, even a mild decrease in T levels can bring about alarming symptoms that negatively impact on your life.

Here are some of the main symptoms to watch out for that can be caused by decreasing levels of testosterone. Remember that some or all of these signs can also be caused by other health conditions, so it’s wise to get a diagnosis as soon as possible.

Decreased sex drive and erection difficulties

Losing interest in sex and can’t think of a reason why? Low testosterone could be the answer, and this is one of the most telling signs. A man who previously had a healthy sex drive, but who sees a rapid decrease in sexual interest or sexual performance may be suffering from lower than normal testosterone.

Hair loss and loss of body hair

Noticing your hair thinning out or even balding, especially where balding doesn’t run in your family, can be another sign of low T levels. Additionally, loss of other body hair such as that on the chest, and a reduction in facial hair growth, can also be warning signs.

Decreased energy

Your overall daily energy levels are affected by your testosterone levels, so a noticeable decrease in your energy is a telling sign that something isn’t right. Your physical strength and endurance relies partly on testosterone, so when the hormone drops, so to does your strength and energy.

Obesity or increased body fat

Maintaining a toned body without adequate testosterone levels is difficult, if not impossible. Low T levels can bring about an increase in body fat, particularly around the abdominal area. You may also lose existing muscle mass.

These are just a few of the most noticeable and disturbing symptoms that low levels of testosterone in men can cause. Other signs such as poor mental focus, depression, decreased memory, sleeping difficulty and fatigue are also signals to watch out for.

Treatments for Low Testosterone

So you’ve found out that you have lower than normal testosterone: what can you do? Firstly, if you’ve been given medical directions by your doctor to treat a serious issue that has caused a drop in your T levels: follow them.

This might include a process of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) which can come in the form of patches, injections and even a gel.

If however your testosterone is experiencing a decrease for no apparent reason besides the fact you’re getting older: then you will be pleased to know that there’s much you can do to stop the decline and potentially reverse it to reduce or eliminate the negative effects that low testosterone has on your life.

Natural remedies and lifestyle changes for encouraging testosterone production are simple: try and get enough sleep every night, stay active, and maintain a healthy weight and diet.

More serious cases of lowered testosterone call for more direct treatment actions though: and options are also available in the form of natural supplements which contain ingredients that are known to boost testosterone

If you choose to just a testosterone booster product, always research the ingredients used to ensure that there is evidence of their benefit for increasing T levels and of course, that there are no unwanted side effects.

Popular Testosterone Booster Ingredients

A natural testosterone booster supplement does not contain testosterone – instead, they’re made up of ingredients which stimulate your body’s natural processes to produce more testosterone. Therefore you will want to know how to pick a quality one that puts substance over hype.

Most of them make use of specific amino acids, vitamins and plant extracts which are thought to contribute in some way to increasing testosterone production or availability to the body. Some of the most commonly used ingredients you’ll find in this supplement category include D-Aspartic Acid, Zinc, Magnesium, Ginseng, Fenugreek and Tribulus; but there are many other well known and lesser known ingredients used across the range of supplements which may play a role in healthy testosterone function.

The catch is that not all testosterone boosters are created equally. There are some excellent ones out there, but there are also some who are nothing short of disappointing – or worse: misleading and ineffective. Not every manufacturer keeps up with the most cutting-edge research and knowledge of ingredients, and as a result, some are using ingredients which were long ago deemed ineffective. So it pays to know what you’re looking at when it comes to the ingredients used in testosterone boosters.

We’ve produced the ultimate list of the most potent and effective natural ingredients currently available in testosterone boosters, as well as explaining why they are considered to be the most influential and beneficial ingredients for people serious about boosting testosterone:

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid has shown in studies to play a vital role in testosterone and luteinizing hormone, including both the release and the synthesis of these hormones. This amino acid is naturally present in the body but is included in testosterone boosters with the goal of obtaining a higher dosage and thus, increased benefit from the additional hormone production.

Stinging Nettle

A plant that is packed with dozens of active compounds, nettle has been used for a range of health treatments including relating to the prostate. When it comes to testosterone, nettle has shown to help decrease the amount of testosterone that is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is known to cause baldness and prostate enlargement.

Vitamin D3

We all know we need Vitamin D from exposure to direct sunlight, but with increased indoor living and working, most people these days don’t get enough D3 for optimal health, let alone for its little-known role in contributing to the release of luteinizing hormone. This then helps to testosterone and growth hormone release.

Many studies have been undertaken to determine the effect of D3 on testosterone, with one research showing that older men with low vitamin D levels also showed lower levels of free testosterone, indicating this vitamin plays a key role in the release and maintenance of free testosterone in men.


One of the oldest natural health herbal extracts, ginseng is used for a range of reasons but of interest to us is its relatively new addition to the world of testosterone supplements. It’s believed ginseng reduces the risk of insulin inhibiting testosterone production thanks to the way this extract lowers glucose levels, while directly enhancing luteinizing hormone and testosterone levels.

Ginseng additionally contributes to the increase of nitric oxide levels which results in more blood flowing to the muscles; and as a result, more hardcore pumps and muscle endurance. A study on male rats that those receiving a controlled dose of ginseng had a significant increase in blood testosterone level.

Oyster Extract

Oyster extract is well known for its natural richness in the vital mineral zinc. And zinc is a potent ingredient in any testosterone booster thanks to its ability to help increase the body’s levels of free testosterone. The oyster extract also contains many other essential trace minerals and vitamins. But it’s zinc that makes oyster extract so powerful and sought after in testosterone boosters, with numerous studies showing how useful it is in boosting testosterone in high-performance athletes.


Fenugreek is a plant that has been used for eons in traditional health, and more recently it’s become a favorite of testosterone booster manufacturers thanks to the irrefutable evidence that has come to light in scientific studies. One research found that 500mg of Fenugreek extract provided a “significant impact” on the body strength and body composition in resistance-trained men, and these results were achieved without side effects and included improvements in free testosterone levels.

This makes a very compelling argument for Fenugreek is one of the most effective muscle building ingredients, and more studies are being undertaken to find out just how much effect it does indeed have on anabolic hormones.


This trace element is essential for all humans, but it’s something we don’t create naturally in the body so we must get it from food. Zinc plays a role in the process of protein synthesis, but it’s also vital for testosterone and has shown to be able to increase testosterone levels when taken at the correct dosage naturally. As a result of increased testosterone with zinc supplementation, the body is more easily able to put on lean muscle, burn fat, and enhance athletic performance.

Ingredients Warning

The best supplement manufacturers will always fully disclose every ingredient in their testosterone booster. It is recommended to entirely avoid any products where the ingredients are not announced; including the quantity of each ingredient. But why?

Many natural ingredients are effective only at a precise dosage, and the best supplement companies will have researched the optimal dose for the safest and most effective outcome. It’s also prudent to know what you’re taking in each supplement you may be using, so you aren’t overdosing on the same ingredients across multiple supplements.

Our Conclusion and Recommendation

All of the products listed above make use of a multitude of our favored testosterone boosting ingredients, giving all the potential to provide excellent results when used as directed. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these products, but Testogen and Testo-Max are our picks of the bunch due to the research that has gone into their formulas and the proven results they are delivering to users with high expectations.

The fact we keep seeing the same ingredients amongst multiple products in this section indicates that these are known to be highly effective in influencing the process of testosterone production, or the function and use of the hormone in the body. However, if you’re looking for a more specific goal, such as huge muscle growth or just improving your sleep quality, there are enough differences between most of these supplements to be able to select one that will meet your own personal aims in any area of health where optimizing your testosterone function plays a key role.

For those wanting to use a testosterone booster mainly to enhance muscle and strength increases, the good news is that most supplements in this section are priced considerably lower than other types of muscle building supplements, providing a solid starting point with low financial risk.

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