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Blackwolf Workout Reviews: What You Should Know

Blackwolf Reviews

Blackwolf Workout is a fitness supplements manufacturer who have created what they call “an all-in-one workout formula” to suit males and females. The goal of Blackwolf’s products is to help you power through long and intensive workouts so you maximize gains and avoid fatigue, in an easy to use formula that can take the place of multiple pills and powders.

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About Blackwolf Workout

Blackwolf Workout is based in Cyprus and has been in the business for over a decade. They state that their products are the result of years of research and that these are the only supplements you will need for before, during and after workouts.

Blackwolf Workout wants to make process of supplementation a simpler affair; and it does this by combining the ingredients of many different types of supplements into three related products for each gender with the promise of helping you supercharge your workouts and building muscle faster.

Their main offering are two different stack packs: one for males and one for females. The company states that their formulas are based on extensive consultation with sports nutritionists and other experts, with the underlying formula of each supplement being called the Blackwolf Power Blend which is “a scientifically researched combination of potent ingredients blended in the most optimized ratio possible.

Rather than being products made specifically for bodybuilders that are focused mostly on gaining muscle, the Blackwolf range is made for athletes of all types and the company advertises that some professional athletes like boxers and swimmers use their products to power their workouts.

The core goals of Blackwolf supplements are to improve energy, enhance your workout results and boost your recovery time. That makes these products a more all-round supplement than some other brands which have a tighter focus on big muscle gains.

So how are Blackwolf’s products unique and do they stand out in the crowded market of fitness supplements? Read on to find out what we’ve discovered about this company and its products.

Blackwolf Supplements

Blackwolf Hunter Pack for Men

Blackwolf Track

Blackwolf workouts

Blackwolf Supplements

BlackWolf has taken a unique approach by developing different formulas to meet the different needs of males and females. They have created a complete workout formula for each gender, containing three products. These are basically a stack and cover pre-workout, intra-workout and post-workout phases.

The male version of this workout formula is called the Blackwolf Hunter Pack while the female version is named the Blackwolf Huntress Pack. Let’s take a close look at what you get with each pack:

Blackwolf Hunter Pack for Men

Blackwolf Hunter Pack

Track: Pre-workout formula designed to boost your physical and mental energy and focus during workouts, while increasing your intensity and strength.

– Hunt: Taken during your workout, Hunt keeps up your energy, strength, endurance and power while you’re training; particularly during longer sessions where fatigue would normally creep in. The goal of Hunt is to keep you performing at your peak level during your entire workout to avoid plateaus and maximize your results.

– Eliminate: Taken after a workout to speed up your recovery with all the right nutrients in one formula. Helps to muscles repair and grow so you can get to your next workout sooner.

Blackwolf Huntress Pack for Women

Blackwolf Huntress Pack

Trail: Described as an all in one pre-workout supplement that boosts both mental focus and physical energy to enhance your training. Designed to be used along with Hunt and Eliminate.

– Hunt: For maintaining your energy during those longer workout sessions, so you don’t fall short of your goals due to fatigue. Hunt is packed with vitamins, minerals and a quality protein source.

– Eliminate: A post workout supplement that focuses on optimizing your recovery with the nutrients your body needs to repair and grow muscle and to fully recover before your next workout or athletic event.

What’s in Blackwolf Supplements?

The company has made available every single ingredient used in their products, so there are no secret additions or unknown substances that you have to worry about. This also makes it simple to compare with any existing supplements you might be taking, to ensure you don’t end up underdosing or overdoing it with any particular vitamin, mineral, protein or other ingredient.

All of the ingredients in each product are listed as active ingredients; Blackwolf makes it clear that they don’t add any fillers or binders to their formulas; every single ingredient actively contributes to the goals of each product.

All of the supplements are powder based, and orders of the Hunter and Huntress packs come with a free shaker that lets you easily mix and consume each dose. It’s suggested that they can be taken a number of ways: by blending with juice, water or milk or by adding the product to yogurts or smoothies.

Strongly featured in each supplement are all important ingredients like essential amino acids (BCAAs), many types of vitamins and minerals and some carefully selected plant extracts. To make the formula more enjoyable to consume, natural berry and vanilla flavors are used.

The Hunter and Huntress packs each contain three products; two are the same, while the pre-workout formula differs. Below you will find a more detailed description of what’s contained in each supplement.

Male Hunter Pack: Track, Hunt and Eliminate. With a greater focus on muscle gains and testosterone boosting, the Hunter pack is designed especially for men to get the most out of their workouts and recovery.

Female Huntress Pack: Trail, Hunt and Eliminate. Blackwolf recognizes that women have different supplement needs to men so they have tweaked their formulas to cater especially for the requirements of female athletes.


Blackwolf Workout Track

Track is the pre-workout portion of the Blackwolf Hunter Pack for men. It has been developed to provide support for mental energy just as much as for the physical side. Track is a mixture of BCAAs, creatine, protein and other essential pre-workout ingredients that’s intended to help you push yourself to the limits at the gym.

Results can be noticeable within only two to three weeks and these will include increases in the intensity of your workouts, the power of your pumps and your overall focus and stamina.

Described as an all in one energy drink for men, Track is a mixture of protein, amino acids and protein all combined in a convenient powder ready to mix as a shake.

Track is made up of BCAAs, vitamins, minerals, and a whey protein isolate source. Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is another unique addition to the formula. This enzyme is known for its important role in energy production, as well as being an excellent antioxidant. Coenzyme Q10 is also thought to stimulate the metabolism and assist with fat loss. Vitamin C is an important component in Track, including to help eliminate free radicals which accumulate during intense exercise.

Boosting muscle growth and fast tracking fat loss are some of the longer term physical signs that Track is designed to deliver.


Blackwolf Workout Trail

Trail is the pre-workout formula for women that has a goal of boosting your energy, enhancing focus and increasing your performance during training.

Workout out after a busy day can be a huge challenge, and that’s one of the barriers that Trail has been designed to help you overcome. It includes more than 20 active ingredients that have been chosen based on their ability to contribute to increasing energy and building lean muscle.

The ingredients includes a number of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts such as green tea and stevia extracts, and whey protein isolate.

One of the goals of Trail is to help with the process of fat loss and it does this both by helping to convert your existing fat into energy, as well as boosting your endurance and stamina during your upcoming workout so you’ll be able to workout harder and longer; bringing on even more fat burning.

Trail makes use of powerful taurine for an energy boost, as well as the well known benefits of the amino acids L-leucine, L-valine. Creatine monohydrate is included in Trail to help you power through intensive, short burst exercises such as weight lifting and other resistance training. As a true protein source, Trail makes use of whey protein isolate for your pre-workout protein boost as well as critical fatigue reducing vitamins B6, B5, C and E.

Overall, Trail contributes to a whole lot of factors that will affect your workout and beyond, including increasing your energy, drive and focus, helping to burn fat and boosting your entire performance so you’ll be on the road to a lean, toned physique quicker.


Blackwolf Workout Hunt

Hunt is all about helping you undertake your workouts with more power, more strength and increased stamina by keeping your endurance and strength up for a longer period of time, so you’re less prone to fatigue. It works best when used during your most intensive training sessions where you would normally tire out.

Along with powering you during a workout, Hunt also starts up the recovery process at the same time so you get a head start on muscle repair and growth, with less down time before your next workout.

Creatine monohydrate is included in the formula so you won’t run out of steam during the most intensive parts of your training. L-taurine is an important inclusion in Hunt as well, providing an ample supply of both physical and mental energy; the same ingredient found in many energy drinks but without the unhealthy sugar.

The goal of Hunt is to keep you performing at your peak level during your entire workout to avoid plateaus and maximize your results.


Blackwolf Workout Eliminate

Designed for everything you need post-workout: speeding up the process of recovery and associated muscle growth, restoring your strength levels, banishing muscle soreness, helping with the recovery of glycogen in the muscles, and getting rid of free radicals by reducing oxidative damage of proteins and lipids.

Intended to be an “all in one” supplement that takes the place of separate BCAA supplements which are often taken after a workout, because Eliminate also includes the important essential amino acids BCAAs leucine, isoleucine, and valine which are the base protein building blocks.

The overall goals of Eliminate are to restore your strength and support muscular recovery after a hard workout by giving you a healthy hit of many minerals and vitamins that the body critically requires while recovering from intense exercise. Eliminate can be taken up to three times daily as needed and can easily be blended with your favorite drink or added to a smoothie.

Blackwolf Power Blend

The Power Blend makes up the base formula of each of the above supplements. The powerhouse ingredients behind the Power Blend include BCAAs, amino acids, creatine and energy enhancers like L-taurine. Minerals like zinc and selenium are also included in the blend, as is CoQ10 ad whey protein.

The quantity of each ingredient in the Blackwolf Power Blend has been carefully measured out to produce results in all areas from increasing energy and high intensity performance, encouraging muscle growth, protecting cells from oxidative stress, and maintaining optimal testosterone levels in men.

It’s pleasing to see that Blackwolf doesn’t hide anything from us and we are able to easily find a full comprehensive list of ingredients for each individual product. This is often not the case with some other manufacturers.

Do Blackwolf Supplements Cause Any Side Effects?

Blackwolf is confident that you’re not at risk of any side effects or positive doping test results because all ingredients used are safe and legal.

They state that no known side effects have been reported by anyone who is using the products according to the provided directions. Based on what they claim is thorough testing, Blackwolf confidently states that all their products are 100% safe to use.

What Are Blackwolf Customers Saying?

The Blackwolf website does not currently have a customer review facility. Blackwolf has an active Facebook page, plus Instagram and Twitter accounts where they often post special discount offers and product information.

General consensus when researching opinions and experiences that people are sharing about these products are largely positive, and we are yet to find any real negative feedback about the company itself or their products.

Blackwolf Pricing & Refund Policy

Both the Huntress and Hunter packs, which include all three supplements for either males or females, are priced at $82.95.

Each supplement can also be purchased individually; however this will cost you considerably more if you plan to take all three together as they are designed to be used.

The individual pricing of each product is as follows:

  • Track: $44.95
  • Trail: $44.95
  • Hunt: $37.95
  • Eliminate: $37.95

The total cost of purchasing three individual supplements that make up either the male or female pack is $120.85. So by purchasing the package of three together in either the Hunter or Huntress pack for $82.95, you save a total of $37.90 (essentially making one of the supplements totally free). You also receive the free items mentioned above only when you order the packs.

Blackwolf allows you to claim a refund on any unused, unopened bottles within a 14 day period of your order. This allows for a short time to evaluate your results, but it’s important to keep in mind that while initial results are said to be experienced within a two to three week period, optimal results generally aren’t seen until around the two month mark.

The company ships all of its products worldwide, and shipping is completely free so the prices you see on the Blackwolf website are the only prices you’ll be paying, and not a dollar more.

Blackwolf has a phone number and email contact available for all customer service enquiries.

When purchasing either one of the packs, you also receive some free bonus items:

  • A 700ml shaker that you can use to easily mix your Blackwolf supplements as a shake.
  • Five guides that cover all aspects of fitness and getting the most out of these supplements: an Introduction, Workout Guide, Nutrition Guide, Supplement Guide and Maintenance Guide.

Bottom Line

Blackwolf offers a unique product that stands out from the crowd of bodybuilding supplements out there. They say they make use of cutting edge scientific research to produce powerful fitness supplements that deliver proven results.

One of the big benefits we can see with these supplements is that, as Blackwolf states, they can take the place of a whole range of other supplements thanks to the essential all-in-one pre, intra and post workout ingredients contained in the formulas.

With a focus on upgrading your working by boosting energy, power and stamina, and boosting recovery times and muscle repair, Blackwolf is designed not only for bodybuilders, but for any serious athlete who is looking to get more out a workout or performance, and who wants an all in one solution that covers the entire workout spectrum: from pre-workout, to intra-workout and then post-workout.

The fact that they’ve gone to lengths to differentiate between the needs of males and females, and to tailor a solution to each gender, certainly makes Blackwolf stand out from the pack.

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