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Cutting Bodybuilding Shares Expert Tips for Upcoming Bodybuilders

Cutting Bodybuilding Tips

While you are on your bodybuilding journey, bulking and cutting are two of the technical terms you will often come across. While bulking refers to being in a caloric surplus state where you are gaining both muscle and fat in a proportional manner, cutting refers to a caloric deficit state where bodybuilders try to peel off every last little bit of fat to really get their physique to pop. There’s a universal agreement amongst all the beginners that cutting is one of the hardest process that a bodybuilder goes through.

The notions of cutting and bulking should be understood in the context of bodybuilding and not be confused with any form of general weight loss. Taking a binary approach to understanding training methods, nutrition, and your own body is the biggest mistake beginner trainees make. There is a grey area where an individual’s mind, body, and attitude are bigger variables in determining results and hence need a more holistic approach. is aware of the challenges beginners face, and so is releasing some very helpful material on their website.

  • How to cut in bodybuilding?
  • Why do bodybuilders bulk then cut?
  • How long should I bulk for before cutting?
  • How do bodybuilders cut to diet?
  • How many calories do bodybuilders eat when cutting?

These are some of the fundamental questions of beginners. With years of experience, Cutting Bodybuilding has released training materials and bodybuilding guides that cover the entire journey from bulking to cutting and all its complexities.

The difference between getting maximum results and failure is supplying the minute needs of the body and understanding its sheer complexities. poses some interesting questions to make you think deep.

Cutting Bulking Guides

Gentle Cut

Do you monitor your blood pressure while cutting? Some big and bulky bodybuilders carrying a lot of mass will suffer from hypertension, which puts them at risk of stroke, cardiovascular disease, heart attack, renal damage, and much more. Individual training regimes should take this factor into account while going on a gentle cut.

Protein and Carb Intake

Do you know why a whole food source of protein after training is not recommended? Why a scoop of dextrose to your protein shake can be extremely beneficial? Observing these little rules of the body can give you quicker results. The optimal time to consume a protein shake is immediately after finishing a workout. Complex carbs and simple starchy carbs are both recommended but at a particular time when your body needs it. When you violate these simple rules, you might then keep wondering what is stopping you from getting results even if you are doing everything right overall.

Go Fat-free or NOT during Cutting?

Why is a fat free diet counterproductive? Far too many bodybuilders take cutting body fat exercises quite literally and in turn go fat free. This can lead to the exact opposite of the desired results. Healthy fats are an integral part of the body’s metabolism, so your training and diet regimen should never deprive the body of necessary fat.

Which Cardio?

Cardio is a vital part of any fat loss regime, but the main issue is that it can also hinder recovery and even muscle tissue if you perform too much of it. You must make an informed decision while choosing between steady state cardio or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which many people swear by.

Muscle Responds to Shocks

Remember: the body doesn’t respond to the same thing over and over. You constantly need to shock the muscle with different actions regularly. You need to give some extra punch, like supersets, to create extra fire in the muscle.

How to Stop Food Cheating?

It is only human to start craving unhealthy foods during your training program. But even a small handful of nuts could be the difference between waking up bloated or waking up shredded for a bodybuilder. So you constantly need to remind yourself – what are you hungry for really? Cutting Bodybuilding understands the importance of working on the mind, visualizations and its role in getting quick and effective results, hence covers this aspect in its expert guides.

Drink Less or More?

In an effort to look drier and fuller, bodybuilders often restrict water intake in the week leading up to the competition or photo shoot. In reality, dehydration will have the opposite effect. So water intake should be optimal while not dehydrating the body of sodium.

Preparing for the peak week and subsequent judgment day requires a steady diet and training routine. Doing something drastic in this phase may ruin all your chances on the day of competition.

Cutting Bulking Bodybuilding

Cutting Bodybuilding goes into much more detail of each of these aspects of cutting and bulking in their ultimate guides. Their experts help the trainees identify their body types, how to prepare individual training routines, plus a diet and supplement guide which ultimately gives you results.

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