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Marine Muscle Reviews: What You Should Know

Marine Muscle Reviews

Marine Muscle is a manufacturer of hardcore bodybuilding supplements which are designed for the most serious and dedicated of athletes who are looking for similar results to anabolic steroids, but without the health and legal risks.

The company has a slick branding and marketing theme that equates their supplements to being of a high enough standard for use by people who are as fit and strong enough as those in the military, and all of their supplements are named with this theme in mind.

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About Marine Muscle

Marine Muscle are manufacturers of, in their words “all American hardcore legal steroids” for serious bodybuilders. All of the supplements sold by Marine Muscle are made in the USA and are also described as “military grade” – adding a lot of perceived legitimacy to the company when compared with other brands.

The main categories of supplements that Marine Muscle offers are for bulking, cutting, and strength building. Additionally, they offer packages of stacks that contain multiple supplements specifically chosen to deliver more extreme results in each of these three areas of bodybuilding.

Unlike most other brands, Marine Muscle products are only available in the USA. They do not ship to Europe or anywhere else in the world. Let’s take a closer look at the supplements that Marine Muscle has available:

Marine Muscle Supplements

Marine Muscle has 11 different supplements on offer. They are available individually, or can be purchased in specially compiled stacks designed for more hardcore results.

Here is a brief overview of Marine Muscle’s current products:

– Klicks: A unique product focused on increasing height and acting as a HGH (human growth hormone) alternative. Increasing bone density and joint and bone strength are additional goals of Klicks. A BCAA complex makes up the most important aspect of Klicks ingredient list, and its backed up by a plethora of other amino acids and extracts like Tribulus terrestris, all specifically chosen to help with the main goal of Klicks which is growth enhancement. Increasing height seems impossible for many of us, but Klicks has been developed to encourage height growth by strengthening the bones, joints and cartilage of the moveable parts of the spine.

– General: Fat burning, lean muscle sculpting and performance enhancements are the focus of General. It’s more than just another fat burner due to the presence of growth factors and amino acids, giving General similar abilities to HGH and its associated benefit on muscle growth. General has a relatively simple ingredients formula consisting of L-arginine which is proven to contribute to endurance, muscle conditioning and as being a precursor to all important nitric oxide a well as stimulating the release of insulin. Additionally a blend of natural extracts is included in the formula: hawthorn berry, maca root and hawthorn berry being amongst them.

– Enduro: Enduro is all about increasing endurance and energy so you can overcome fatigue and weakness and power on with your workouts longer and harder; it also helps speed up recovery times. Enduro is made up of some powerful extracts including wild yam, ginseng and tribulus; all of which have long been used in traditional health. The underlying aim of Enduro is to increase nitrogen retention and this results in the body being in an anabolic state for a longer period of time; which equals more muscle gains.

– Trooper: An all in one muscle builder that focuses on boosting testosterone levels to bring massive strength, power and muscle gains. Trooper is packed full of vitamins, particularly those in the B group. It also makes use of D-aspartic acid, tribulus, ginseng and fenugreek. Trooper claims to use a more powerful strength of tribulus terrestris extract which can more effectively increase luteinizing hormone levels compared with other products that use a weaker form of tribulus.

– Gunner: Massive muscle and strength gains are the goals of Gunner, but it also encourages hardcore fat burning and increases in stamina and vascularity. Gunner makes use of ingredients like beta sitosterol, nettle leaf extract, samento bark, pepsin and turmeric which makes up a blend of some very sought after natural extracts which each have shown benefits in the areas of muscle and strength improvements.

– Drill Master: Formulated for gaining big muscle fast particularly for people looking for a hardgainer steroid alternative who need serious strength and muscle gains in a short period of time. Drill Master focuses on increasing the retention of nitrogen to deliver these results. Whey protein is the dominant ingredient in Drill Master, but there are also some powerful amino acids included and a small dosage of the natural testosterone booster tribulus terrestris.

– Alpha: Designed for hardcore cutting of fat while encouraging retention of existing lean muscle and boosting strength and energy. The main goal of alpha is to create more ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is achieved by increasing the levels of phosphocreatine in the body. Alpha also aims to increase testosterone through the use of tribulus terrestris and to give you a big hit of protein with the use of both whey concentrate and soy isolate protein sources. Branched chain amino acids (BCAA) and wild yam root round out the short but potent ingredients list of Alpha.

– Winger: A powerful fat burner that also improves endurance and strength, while protecting your existing muscle. Making use of the amino acid Acetyl L-carnitine which is believed to be a powerful contributor to fat burning, it’s also known to be important for cardiac and brain health, because this amino acid is capable of entering the brain itself. Pregnenolone is an important ingredient in Winger and one which is not overly well known. It is a naturally produced steroid hormone that is a precursor to the production of both aldosterone and DHEA – as well as every other hormone in the body, including testosterone. Pregnenolone is often used to boost hormones, as well as for stress relief and for immune system strengthening.

– Sergeant: Developed specifically to tackle the distressing problem of “man boobs“, Sergeant helps reduce chest fat and define the pectoral muscles so that embarrassing excessive male breast tissue is reduced. Eliminating gynecomastia involves getting rid of the excess fat sitting over the pectoral muscles and that’s what Sergeant aims to target. It does this by including the extract fenugreek which is a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It also makes quite extensive use of metabolism raising ingredients that contain caffeine: cocoa, green coffee extract and green tea extract. This combination of ingredients puts the body into a more intensive fat burning mode, ideally making it easier to lose unwanted chest fat.

– Colonel: Another cutting and fat loss formula designed for fast results while boosting energy and endurance and retaining lean muscle. The extract turmeric extract is one of the stars of Colonel, with its known anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which help with both fat burning and muscle recovery. Colonel works by boosting the metabolism, making use of the natural fat burners garcinia cambogia and bitter orange extract. Guarana is also included due to its natural caffeine content – a well known metabolism booster.

– Devil Dog: A formula made for gaining extreme muscle and strength and providing a huge boost of stamina and energy when you begin a new training cycle. There are plenty of protein sources in Devil Dog, making use of both soy isolate and whey concentrate so you get the best of both worlds. Tribulus and shilajit extracts are also used with the goal of increasing production of red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the muscles. Alpha Lipoic Acid (APA) is also an important ingredient in Devil Dog and has been included due to its effect on the process of energy metabolism.

– Bulking Stack: This stack is aimed at people who might be struggling with bulking up despite eating right and doing everything right at the gym; the bulking stack provides the massive boost you need to break through a plateau and start seeing more serious results within one month. Even hardgainers should be able to see massive gains with the Bulking Stack, which includes four supplements: Drill Master, Gunner, Enduro and Trooper.

– Cutting Stack: This stack is all about getting you ripped and includes Winger, Trooper, Colonel and Alpha. Termed as a thermogenic cutting stack, the goal is to boost your metabolism and get your body’s fat burning processes working fast and hard. Suitable for everyone from competition bodybuilders doing a cutting cycle, or those just wanting a ripped body for summer; the Cutting Stack not only focuses on serious fat burning but vitally, on ensuring you retain your existing muscle gains rather than have that muscle burn up as well. Raising the body’s temperature, increasing testosterone and increasing overall energy so you can train longer and harder are at the core of how the Cutting Stack works.

– Strength Stack: This stack packs a punch by taking four of the company’s most powerful muscle building supplements and combining them into one stack that is said to show noticeable results in as short as 30 days. Alpha, Trooper, Gunner and Drill Master make up the Strength Stack with the overall goals of helping you increase your workout ability and strength, breaking through plateaus and overcoming any shortcomings you currently have in your training. By having the combined ingredients in the stack working together, the powerful ability of each individual supplement is multiplied significantly.


Most of the Marine Supplements are designed to start delivering noticeable results very quickly; in as little as two to four weeks. As the company says: the more dedication and focus you have, the quicker and greater your results will be.

Marine Muscle claims that their products are the most potent legal steroid alternatives available in the USA when they are used with a dedicated training and diet program. The company goes to great lengths to promote the fact that these supplements are designed for the most serious and hardcore bodybuilders.

What’s in Marine Muscle Supplements?

The company states that all ingredients used in Marine Muscle supplements are completely legal within the USA, and 100% safe and natural. Each individual product has its ingredients totally disclosed, so you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you’ll be taking of each ingredient.

Some supplement companies do not disclose the full list of supplement ingredients; the fact that Marine Muscle does so in such a transparent way is a big plus for this supplement maker and puts the mind at ease that you aren’t risking your health with potentially dangerous or questionable ingredients.

Some of the most commonly used ingredients in Marine Muscle supplements include well known natural extracts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and compounds like L-arginine, BCAA, Tribulus terrestris, ginseng, wild yam, Vitamin B group, D-aspartic acid, fenugreek, nettle leaf extract – and many more.

The majority of ingredients found in Marine Muscle supplements have solid science behind them when it comes to their positive benefit for bodybuilding, fat burning, increasing energy, assisting with fatigue and recovery, and other vital processes that Marine Muscle supplements target.

Do Marine Muscle Supplements Cause Any Side Effects?

The company makes it clear that their goal is to produce safe, natural steroid alternatives using high quality ingredients that don’t result in side effects. When used according to the directions, Marine Muscle supplements are not predicted to cause any unwanted side effects.

Individual sensitivities to specific ingredients should always be considered – Marine Muscle makes it easy to know exactly what you’ll be taking with each supplement by providing a breakdown of the ingredients used and the quantity of each. Tribulus terrestris for example, one of the extracts used in some Marine Muscle supplements, is generally considered safe and with a low risk of side effects for most people when used moderately, but some sensitive people might experience stomach upset and other mild effects. Caffeine is included in a small number of Marine Muscle supplements thanks to its fat burning benefits, so those with caffeine sensitivity should take care with those particular products.

The fact that Marine Muscle discloses every ingredients of each supplement makes it easy for you to pinpoint any potential sensitivities you might have to a certain ingredient.

What Are Marine Muscle Customers Saying?

The Marine Muscle websites provides customers with an opportunity to leave reviews and ratings. There are currently very few customer reviews available but the ones that exist are largely positive.

The company provides a phone number and email address for customer support and sales questions, as well as an address within the United States. This lets us know that Marine Muscle is a legitimate company with a real customer service presence; something that can be difficult to confirm with some of the other supplement companies out there.

The parent company behind Marine Muscle is based in Cyprus and has been in the business for over a decade. This gives us confidence that they aren’t going anywhere soon.

Marine Muscle has an active social media presence across all the major platforms, which is mostly used to promote their products. Although they do not provide a review facility on their Facebook page, they do respond to all customer comments and questions which is always a positive sign.

Marine Muscle Pricing & Refund Policy

Below are the most up to date prices of all Marine Muscle products:

  • Klicks: $89.99
  • General: $64.99
  • Enduro: $69.99
  • Trooper: $64.99
  • Gunner: $69.99
  • Drill Master: $64.99
  • Alpha: $59.99
  • Winger: $69.99
  • Sergeant: $69.99
  • Colonel: $69.99
  • Devil Dog: $59.99
  • Bulking Stack: $219.99
  • Cutting Stack: $209.99
  • Strength Stack: $199.99

Marine Muscle offers a 2 for the price of 1 deal with buying any of their three stacks, saving a significant amount of money compared with buying each supplement individually.

They offer free shipping on all orders throughout the United States (remember: you can not order Marine Muscle products from any other country).

The company’s refund policy states that if you change your mind within seven days of your order, you can return any unopened bottles and you’ll receive a full refund.

Are Marine Muscle Supplements A Real Legal Alternative to Steroids?

The company describes their supplements as being legal non-prescription alternatives to steroids. All ingredients used in the products are disclosed, and consist of naturally derived substances.

Marine Muscle does state that while some of the ingredients may show up in some sports drug tests, you should check with any specific rules regarding use of any supplements in your sport.

At its most basic, an anabolic steroid is a synthetic hormone intended to replicate testosterone and its effects on muscle growth. Besides being illegal, these steroids can also result in severe health complications.

Therefore, to mimic an anabolic steroid, Marine Muscle aims to combine different natural ingredients which may have a positive impact on testosterone production, or on the way that testosterone and other body processes behave in relation to promoting muscle growth, fat burning, strength increases and muscular recovery.

They do this without using synthetic hormones and instead making use of naturally occurring ingredients – so you do away with both the health risks and legal concerns that come with steroid use.

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