MuscleTech Test HD Testosterone Booster Review

MuscleTech Test HD Review

Coming in at the more serious end of the spectrum of testosterone boosting supplements is MuscleTech Test HD, clearly being aimed at men who mostly want to increase testosterone in order to achieve hardcore muscle growth results. MuscleTech claims to be the biggest selling bodybuilding supplement brand in America, giving extra credibility to this product.

Described as a hardcore testosterone booster, Test HD still contains much of the same ingredients that we see across products in this category. This does however include most of the more powerful and potent herbal extracts like Shilajit, boron and Tribulus terrestris.

MuscleTech Test HD Review

MuscleTech Test HD Testosterone Booster

The company claims that the ingredients in Test HD may be able to bring about significant gains in testosterone. By foregoing some of the potentially less powerful testosterone optimizing ingredients, Test HD focuses on the ones that can potentially deliver the most potent results.

MuscleTech makes it clear that TestHD is intended for physically active men who want to supercharge their muscle building and strength results by using ingredients that increase free testosterone, which then initiates the muscle building process.

In addition to increasing and optimizing testosterone, Test HD also aims to boost ATP blood levels so you can experience increased power during your workouts. It claims to be able to increase ATP within only 15 days through the use of shilajit.

It’s clear that Test HD is made for bodybuilders. The company makes the assumption that men wanting to use Test HD know that to get serious muscle growth, as displayed by the bodybuilder models advertised with the product, a serious training regime is expected to be undertaken and one that can be maximized through the testosterone optimization that Test HD can provide.

Customers are noting that they feel more energized after using this supplement for some time, as well as gaining strength and increasing their maximum lift weight. Others found it easier to lose weight, while also noticing positive changes to the libido. These are all areas that can be expected to be improved from an increase in available testosterone.

It’s important to note that MuscleTech, being a highly popular brand, has attracted copycat counterfeiters who attempt to replicate their supplements. To avoid these low quality and potentially dangerous fake products, always ensure you’re purchasing MuscleTech TestHD from a reputable outlet.

The recommended dosage is to take two caplets daily, with one taken in the morning and the second in the afternoon. On days that you’re working out, the second dose should be taken 30 minutes before you begin to allow the ingredients time to start working as they power up your workout.

What’s in MuscleTech Test HD?

This is one of the more unique natural testosterone boosters out there, with little in the way of vitamins and minerals present (only calcium and zinc), but we also see an extensive combination of herbal and other natural extracts in the formula.

These include the relatively well known boron, stinging nettle and the powerful tribulus terrestris for its effectiveness at boosting testosterone levels and particularly for enhancing the libido.

– Shilajit: Test HD makes use of the patented form of Shilajit known as PrimaVie which has shown in a study to increase the total levels of serum testosterone within 90 days. Another big benefit of the PrimaVie form of shilajit is its ability to boost ATP levels. Adenosine triphosphate is needed to both store and use the energy required for muscle contractions you perform during weight lifting. The more optimized your ATP levels are, the harder you’ll be able to push those weights – and gain faster, bigger muscle.

– Broccoli powder: Broccoli powder is also used in the Test HD formula; it is full of vitamins and minerals like magnesium and B vitamins(which makes up for their exclusion in the formula), but the main reason this ingredient is used is because of a compound called diindolylmethane (DIM). It is known to help the immune system by eliminating toxins. DIM has shown in studies to help with estrogen metabolism and is known to stop the enzyme aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen; by inhibiting this enzyme, less testosterone is lost and unwanted estrogen (a female hormone) is kept at a low level.

– Boron: By making use of boron, Test HD states that free testosterone may be increased, and estrogen decreased in as little as seven days. This is based on studies undertaken with boron showing that it can potentially bring about those results within such a short period of time.

– Stinging nettle: Stinging nettle root has long been used to treat joint and muscle pain and for prostate health, although the jury is still out on whether it can positively impact testosterone. However, its benefit for fighting inflammation is useful for athletes and may assist in recovery.

– Calcium: Test HD makes use of one of the lesser used mineral ingredients we see in testosterone boosters in the form of calcium. Studies have shown that calcium supplementation resulted in an increase in testosterone levels in men who trained while using a calcium supplement that was higher than the increase in testosterone in men who didn’t supplement with calcium. The study showed that calcium can contribute to a testosterone boost in men who undertake regular physical activity and that it can improve athletic performance.

MuscleTech Test HD Benefits Review

  • Claims the formula has resulted in free testosterone increasing within only seven days
  • Increases total and free testosterone
  • Boosts ATP levels and concentration in the blood
  • Use as a pre-workout supplement on workout days
  • Most ingredients are backed up by scientific studies of their effectiveness
  • Doesn’t require on and off cycling and therefore no PCT (post-cycle therapy) is needed
  • Popular with customers and consistently receiving high ratings

Test HD by MuscleTech is made for guys who know what they want (big muscle gains) and one of the most important things needed to get it (testosterone). Rather than make specific claims about what you’ll achieve by using this formula, Test HD focuses on telling us just how well this product works to boost T levels and most importantly, boost free testosterone that’s actually available to benefit from. By using ingredients that mostly have solid science behind them, MuscleTech Test HD is a reliable choice as a testosterone booster.

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