Crazy Bulk Trenorol (Trenbolone) Review: The Facts


Trenorol, made by Crazy Bulk, is designed as a legal, natural and safe alternative to the steroid Trenbolone with the goal of giving you similar results without the nasty side effects. This supplement is all about helping you achieve massive gains in power, strength, muscle mass, healing and physical conditioning. You can use it for either bulking or cutting phases, or both, and you can stack Trenorol safely with other Crazy Bulk supplements for more off the charts results.

Trenorol Review

Trenorol Review

There are two main ways that Trenorol works to deliver the promised results: by increasing nitrogen retention, and by boosting the production of oxygen and nutrient carrying red blood cells.

Crazy Bulk labels Trenorol as a raw power and lean muscle mass formula that can deliver immense gains and can be used for any goal, but particularly during cutting and bulking cycles. This is a supplement clearly made for the serious bodybuilder who wants to see fast results, but doesn’t want to risk their health by taking dangerous or illegal ingredients.

Increasing your red blood cells means your muscles are receiving more oxygen when you exercise. More oxygen means that the energy production of the muscles increases; letting you work out more intensely for a longer period of time. This speeds up your gains and also improves your recovery. Red blood cells also release ATP and nitric oxide (NO) which contributes to improved blood flow to the muscles during exercise because of increased dilatation of the blood vessels.

One of the bonus benefits of the increased dilation and red blood cells is a boost in vascularity, giving you that highly desirable ripped look with visible veins in all the right places. The fat loss benefits of Trenorol provide an additional increase in pronounced veins, with less subcutaneous fat covering the muscles.

By enhancing nitrogen retention and optimizing nitrogen balance, Trenorol ensures your body stays in an anabolic state and doesn’t go into a catabolic where you have a negative nitrogen balance.

Despite the big claims of what this supplement can provide, Crazy Bulk makes it clear that Trenorol only delivers when you use it with a dedicated workout plan consisting of intensive resistance training, and a suitable diet. If you do all this, the company states results can be seen within only 30 days of starting.

Unlike some other pre-workout supplements, Trenorol is also used in your non-workout days. The best results are achieved with Trenorol when you take it for two months, followed by a 1.5 week break. If you commit to buying several month’s supply of Trenorol to see you through one or more bulking or cutting cycles, big money savings are on offer with the Crazy Bulk deal of one free bottle with every two purchased.

What’s in Trenorol?

This is a straight to the point formula made up of only four ingredients and all are included based on their ability to contribute to the various processes involved in muscle growth.

Only natural ingredients are used in Trenorol and Crazy Bulk states that there are no negative health effects to be expected, unlike with anabolic steroids.

– Beta Sitosterol: 600mg Beta Sitosterol makes up the bulk of Trenorol. This plant sterol is well known for its ability in helping prevent conversion of testosterone to DHT. This allows more testosterone to be available by the body with all the benefits that come with maintaining healthy testosterone levels. It also helps lower bad cholesterol levels, reduces prostate swelling, and is known for its use by athletes in reducing pain and swelling after endurance exercise.

– Samento Inner Bark: Samento Inner Bark, also known as cat’s claw, is a long used herb in traditional medicine particularly in the area of joint and bone health, immune health and wound healing. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory so may contribute to Trenorol’s goal of improving muscle recovery.

– Nettle Leaf Extract: Nettle Leaf Extract, also known as stinging nettle, can potentially halt the conversion of testosterone into the female hormone estrogen by blocking the action of an enzyme that causes this process. Small amounts of estrogen in males is considered normal, however when too much testosterone converts to estrogen, men can experience negative effects like weight gain and loss of muscle. Nettle leaf may then be able to increase or maintain a higher amount of free testosterone readily available for use by the body. Some of the other known benefits of nettle include as an anti-inflammatory, for arthritic pain relief, prostate health and wound healing.

– Pepsin: Pepsin assists in the digestion and conversion of your proteins into the amino acids needed to build muscle. Pepsin is an enzyme that works by breaking down the proteins you ingest into smaller peptides which are basically just shorter segments of amino acids. Although many foods such as fruits contain pepsin, increasing your intake with Trenorol can increase the occurrence of this critical digestive enzyme so it can work more efficiently to digest the proteins from your food and supplements.

To allow time for these ingredients to digest in preparation for your workout, each daily dose is taken 45 minutes before your workout so you’re ready to make the most of the energy and muscle fuel that the Trenorol provides.

Trenorol Benefits Review

  • See big gains in muscle mass, strength, power, stamina and physical conditioning
  • Useful for both bulking and cutting
  • Speeds up healing and recovery
  • Promotes nitrogen retention in the muscles
  • Speeds up fat burning without losing muscle
  • Eliminate water retention
  • Substantial increase in vascularity for a ripped look
  • Recommended for stacking with six other Crazy Bulk supplements for more extreme results
  • Buy two bottles and get one free
  • See results within one month

Trenorol provides a viable alternative to a serious anabolic steroid – Trenbolone. Without the worry of side effects and with the ability to combine Trenorol with other just as powerful supplements from the same company, the fuel you need to achieve huge gains in all areas of bodybuilding is provided using well established natural ingredients. The bulk purchase discounts allow you to plan your fitness program ahead with little financial risk, as Crazy Bulk offers a 14 day refund period.

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