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MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test Review

MuscleTech Pro Series Alpha Test

Pro Series Alpha Test is made by MuscleTech and is described as a maximum strength testosterone booster made for use by physically active men from powerlifters to endurance athletes and everyone in between.

Alpha Test can boost the amount of free or serum testosterone that is circulating and available for use in all the areas that are important to male health. Additionally it is designed to maintain optimal testosterone to estrogen steroid hormone ratio and enhance ATP levels to boost workout performance.

Pro Series Alpha Test Review

Alpha Test

Let’s look at the three main methods that Pro Series Alpha Test targets to optimize testosterone:

– Increasing serum and free testosterone: Increasing the level of free testosterone is most important as this is the testosterone that is bioavailable. Alpha Test increases both the total and free levels of the hormone, so that more is available to absorb and use instead of binding to two proteins that render testosterone unusable by the body.

– Decreasing estradiol: This is a female estrogen steroid hormone and when it is too high in men, disturbing symptoms occur like sexual dysfunction, enlarged breasts, muscle loss and weight gain. Pro Series Alpha Test works to reduce and balance estrogen levels in men so that high estrogen does not become a problem, and to avoid having testosterone convert to estrogen.

– Boosting ATP: Adenosine triphosphate is what powers the cells with energy and it’s critical for the production of protein and contraction of muscles. Increasing ATP levels lets you work out harder and longer. Because ATP depletes from the muscles during exertion, replenishing it is vital and that’s what Alpha Test aims to do with the use of shilajit, which has shown to increase levels of ATP within only 15 days.

This is a simple supplement to take, requiring just two daily doses of two capsules and the company recommends early morning and evening as the best times to take each dose to maximize results.

What’s in Pro Series Alpha Test?

Unlike many other natural testosterone boosters, we don’t see a mixture of vitamins and minerals in Alpha Test. Zinc is the only mineral included due to its critical role in testosterone production.

The main active ingredients in Alpha Test are Shilajit and Tribulus. They then list fenugreek, Brassica oleracea (broccoli) powder and zinc as supporting ingredients, although each of these all have a powerful and valuable role to play in the overall goals of the supplement.

– Tribulus terrestris: Tribulus terrestris extract has long been used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for virility and libido. It has shown to have noticeable positive effects on enhancing the libido in studies, while also suspected of having a positive benefit on testosterone production.

– Fenugreek: Fenugreek has shown in studies that it can bring about an increase in testosterone in men, as well as improvements in the libido. The most powerful part of fenugreek that is suspected of are the compounds furostanolic saponins which are thought to directly contribute to boosting the production of the hormone. As a result of increased testosterone after using fenugreek, studies showed that the men in their strength, along with reduced body fat. Alpha Test contains a form of fenugreek that contains 50% saponins for maximum potency.

– Shilajit: Shilajit extract in the form of the patented PrimaVie provides a purified and high quality form of this unusual natural ingredient sourced from the Himalayas which is often used for it’s anti-aging properties. Shilajit has many known benefits, including to boost male sexual health, to increase cellular energy and for improving fitness and endurance. Research has shown that PrimaVie shilajit increases total serum testosterone levels within three months.

– Zinc: Zinc is a mineral known for its critical role in testosterone health, and the form included in Alpha Test zinc gluconate which is considered to be more highly absorbable and thus available for use by the body. Maintaining optimal zinc levels is required for keeping testosterone within the normal healthy range.

– Broccoli powder: Broccoli powder, also known for its beneficial compound diindolylmethane (DIM), is included as it can help reduce the amount of testosterone being converted to estrogen. By restricting the amount of estrogen competing with testosterone, more testosterone can bind to and activate the androgen receptors which then brings about the positive effects that testosterone provides.

– Boron: Boron is known for being critical for maintaining bone health. It is a trace mineral which has also been proven to positively impact how the body makes use of testosterone, estrogen and Vitamin D. Additionally, boron has shown to beneficial for brain function. When it comes to boron’s effect on testosterone, the studies are clear: this trace mineral has shown to provide a significant increase in free testosterone within only one week of starting supplementation. By increasing free testosterone, the amount of testosterone available to circulate through the blood is increased by decreasing the amount of total testosterone that binds to protein sex hormonenbinding globulin (SHBG).

Pro Series Alpha Test Benefits Review

  • Increase levels of free testosterone
  • Maintains a vital balance between testosterone and the female hormone estrogen
  • Increases ATP for enhanced strength and power during workouts
  • Boosts libido and sex drive
  • Helps reduce body fat
  • Contains zinc gluconate for maximum absorbability
  • Useful for any man from the most serious bodybuilder or athlete to someone just wanting to enhance general health
  • All batches are put through quality control tests to ensure purity and consistency
  • Comes in rapid release bio-capsules for quicker absorption
  • Uses ingredients that have scientific backing for their effectiveness
  • Many positive reviews from customers

Alpha Test is an affordable natural, safe testosterone enhancer that has the added bonus of also boosting ATP levels to help power your workouts to new levels – resulting in muscle gains that are both faster and bigger, and an easier path to losing unwanted fat.

It’s one of the lowest priced products in this category of supplements, making it an affordable entry level choice for any male wanting a safe testosterone and performance enhancer without the risks. The price of this supplement is low compared with its competitors, despite very similar ingredients used.

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